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I had many requests for the next levels on our technology competency
requirements for teachers.  These levels are not REQUIRED but rather
DESIRED and simply add on to the Level I requirements. Also, we use
Microsoft Outlook so there are specific competencies based on that
program that may not be applicable to others.

Level II
1) Identification, connection, start-up of computer systems (use digital
camera, connect/operate LCD projector, use scanner)
2) File management (rename, delete, move files on network)
3) Word processing, etc (create tables, columns; copy/paste and
cut/paste; borders, headers, footers, bullets, merging; import graphics
from other programs; understand/use templates, options for viewing,
editing, formatting; understand/use spreadsheet applications)
4) Internet (understand Boolean search; download programs;
understand/use listservs, chat rooms, teacher resource sites, forward
5) Outlook Calendar/Email options (insert and change appointments; check
public folders; use address book/contacts; use notes/tasks; send
messages to groups; create groups)
6) Electronic sources (use calculator; understand/use academic programs
on school network and CDs appropriate to grade level and subject)
7) Troubleshooting (perform diagnostics before calling tech assist; read
results, report findings to network administrator)

Level III
1) Microsoft Office Access program for database building
2) Microsoft Office Publisher program for desktop publishing
3) Web Page construction
4) Video production: camera operation, storyboarding program, editing
(online, off-line, character generator, etc)

Susan Grigsby, LMS
The Epstein School, Atlanta Georgia

Those who don't understand aren't committed...those who do should be.

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