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I got a few responses to my query about the appropriateness of HUES: Hear
Us Emerging Sisters magazine. Thanks to those who took the time to post.
I did a web search and found it at www.hues.net

I will be interested in hearing some of your responses.  I think it sounds
like it would be of interest to my women but wonder if the lesbian theme
might be too prevalent?  I have to be really careful about that kind of
content because it is against DOC policy!  Maybe I will send for a sample
issue.  I see it was started by a couple of Univ. of Mich. students for a
class project!
I have an in-depth article about HUES in a U of Mich. Journal ,which is at
home. I'll give you particulars later. It was started at U of M and is a
great success story. I have ordered it for 99-00 school year. More later.

WE reviewed a ton of magazine for our YA Lit. class and I was very
impressed with this one. It dealt alot with positive self-image,
empowerment of young women, and acceptance of diversoty. There were no
waif models, ridiculous diet ideas, etc. If I remember correctly, the
advertisemwent was none or limited, too. Buy It! There are so few good
magazines out there for young girls...
Someone gave us a gift subscription and I did not feel it was appropriate
a high school library.
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