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Rats Saw God is well worth fighting for.  It is one of the few YA novels =
which can turn a passive, jaded senior into an avid reader.  I am =
discouraged by the number of LM_NETTERS advising Patti Tjomsland to cave =
in to what I'm sure is a small group of narrow-minded parents with too =
much time on their hands.

Patti, there's a superb interview with Rats author Rob Thomas in a recent =
VOYA... maybe it was the August 1997 issue.  I just remember that he =
addressed the subject of challenges... he was sure that high schools would =
challenge Rats Saw God.  You might try Rob Thomas himself by e-mail.  I =
communicated with him by e-mail a couple of years ago and was impressed by =
his quick response.

In the wake of the Littleton tragedy, which produced so many hand-wringers =
in the media claiming that we need to encourage teens to talk about their =
problems, it's hard for me to think that parents can feel threatened by a =
book which does exactly that: talks candidly about peer pressure, social =
outcasts, difficult teachers, the inability to communicate with parents, =
and yes, even the pressure to be sexually active.  I'd rather teens READ =
about these issues than turn to  other "solutions" such as alcohol, drugs, =
suicide, unprotected sex, and violence.

Hang in there, Patti, and  contact ALA for help.

Bill McLoughlin, Library Media Specialist
Brookside School, Worthington, Ohio

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