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The class play is alive and well at Newfound Regional HIgh School.
Actually, drama is huge here -- seriously rivaling athletics for sheer
numbers and enthusiasm.

Every October:  the senior class play (a fundraiser).

Every November:  Fine and Performing Arts Night (includes drama)

Every January:  Once-Act Competition.  Each of the four classes in the
school (9-12) put on a play for team of judges who award best actor, best
actress, best play, best director.  _I_ <blush, blush> took Best Director
this year!

Every May:  The Annual School and Community Musical.

I was bitten by the theatre bug over a decade ago.  I'm in the musical
every year.  THIS WEEK Rodgers and Hammerstein's _Cinderella_ opens.  I am
the King (also known as His Majesty Comic Relief).  The queen and I have a
great duet:  "Boys and Girls Like You and Me."  By day I am Mild-Manner
Librarian, but at night I turn into TheatreMan!!  (Ask my long-suffering
student aides.)

Seriously -- the library program collaborates VERY closely with the drama
department -- publicity, tickets, etc.  THIS is where all the theatre kids
hang out, and theater kids are the GREATEST kids!

Right now my library is being converted into the Green Room for tonight's
dress rehearsal.  Newspapers down on the carpets and tables, a long double
row of lighted mirrors.  The place is buzzing!

For everybody who wishes that their library was more of a hub of activity
in the school -- and remembering the great connections we can make between
drama and literature -- make friends with your drama department.  And the
next time they announce auditions for something or other...

Try it!  You may LOVE it!

My not-so-humble opinion.  Sorry;  I'm excited about this week.  Gee --
does it show???    ; )

Chris Finer, LMG
Library Media Program
Newfound Regional High School
Bristol, NH


There's no use going to school
unless your final destination is
the library.
                   --after Ray Bradbury

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