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I have received a request from a teacher for the name of an inspirational
type person who was odd or unusual especially in appearance or dress as a
young person, teenage years specifically but who went on to contribute to
society and to be well known and admired or liked. It must be a person
whose name would be recognized rather than obscure. Perhaps a celebrity,
athlete,  hero, inventor or business person. She wants to use sort of a
Paul Harvey type format where she will describe the person who supposedly
sounds terribly odd but then reveals his name to the audience. I suggested
Bill Gates but he apparently is not odd enough!! This is for an Eagle Court
of Honor for a boy who is odd in appearance and dress but a typical
teenager in other ways and generally an upstanding individual.  He is
judged by his appearance but there is so much more to him than what shows.
I have looked through collective biographies but so far have not found
anything that has just hit the mark for the teacher.
I sort of remember the story of a journalist who disguised him (or herself)
as an elderly or homeless person to compare the reception at businesses and
retail stores.  I don't know that it was a well known person who did this

Janice Gumerman
Library Media Specialist
Bingham 7th Grade Center
1716 S. Speck Road
Independence, MO  64057
816-796-4850 ext 326


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