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Many times these attachments are the V-cards that are really personal
profiles sent by many email programs these days. As these are handled
differently by different programs, the sender may not realize that
it is seen as an attachment. The worst attachments are what get sent
when a member posts a document that is really from a wordprocessing
program. It usually comes encoded, and after going through the
listserver software only displays as ascii symbols,  giving us all a
new respect for the many uses of letters and numbers.

Most times, the poster doesn't realize that an attachment has been
sent that is unreadable until it's done. After all, they are used to
sending the same type of email to colleagues and it's no problem.

Until the listserver software can either strip and discard
attachments or reject the post with a usable message, I'm afraid
we'll have to live with them.

Dan Robinson
Indexing Services
H.W. Wilson Company
Bronx, NY

On 10 May 99 at 7:52, Laura Pearle wrote:

> At 10:46 AM 5/7/99 GMT, Claudia Mahlman wrote:
> >Some members of the LM group, have attachments along with their messages.
> They
> >have no title and there is no reference to the attachment(s) in the message.
> Several schools are blocking all attachments in order to avoid virus
> problems.  It may be overreacting, but after Melissa and Happy 99, it's
> better to be safe than sorry.  Perhaps we should, as a group, put an end to
> attachments unless someone specifically requests it.
> Laura R. Pearle
> Head Librarian
> Gladys Brooks Library
> Professional Children's School
> lpearle@pcs-nyc.org

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