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Forgive the second posting of this.  Felt that I needed to reword the subject
caption.  If you have already replied to my previous post, there is no need
to reply again.

For the 3rd year in a row McHenry Primary School is planning to do another
Book Bear Project.  While only in the planning stages...and considering we
have not even selected or ordered the Bear for 1999-2000, I am looking for
the interest level, etc. for the project.  Right now I have not decided
whether or not to do this project nationwide or statewide within Georgia.  If
we do it statewide it will be for a change of pace...but I prefer nationwide.
If we should decide to do it statewide...I will post a note in regards to
this.  I plan to post on our state Media List_Serv to see how many are
interested too.

If you would like to know more about the 1997-98 project, you may visit the
website at:   http://www.fcboe.ga.net/floyd/bookbear.htm

I was unable to really maintain the website for the 1998-99 project so there
is not much on there besides a picture of McHenrietta Book Bear.

Some of the basic guidelines for the project are:

1)  Coordinators at selected sites must be the media specialist.  We prefer
it this way since the media specialists see all the children in the
school...therefore more students are exposed to the Bear.

2)  Selected host sites must agree to send the Bear to the next host site on
Friday AT LEAST 2nd Day Air (UPS, FED EX, etc.) or NEXT DAY AIR if
affordable.  I plan the visits so the Bear will hopefully arrive by the
Tuesday of the scheduled week, however if he or she should arrive
Thursday...the Bear must still be sent out on Friday in order to keep the

3)  Host or hostess should have e-mail (at home or at school) so I can track
the bears travels, send updates, etc.  This is what makes the program work
and stay on schedule. I would like to do more e-mail between students sharing
their book bear experiences, but this may be too hard on our end since we
have ONE net access at school which we share with a busy fax line.

During the 1997-98 year McHenry Book Bear visited 35 host sites from August
15-late May.  During the 1998-99 year McHenrietta Book Bear visited 30 host
sites from early September and will return in late May.  Depending on how
early I get the Bear sent out will determine how many sites visited.

Only one host site will be selected from each state.  Preference will be
given to states that neither bear has visited before (there are still several
states where a bear has not visited).

I will also be looking for activites planned for the Bear's visit, location,
something special about the school, etc.

I hope to have sites selected by late May or first of June.  I will need a
school schedule from selected sites listing major holidays/breaks where you
would be out of school more than two days, a home address and e-mail so I can
get in touch with selected hosts/hostesses over summer as I work on the
schedule.  The 97-98 Bear left our school on the second day we were back from
summer vacation...so the earlier start we get the better.

Provided I am able to get the bear I want from the Vermont Teddy Bear, Co.
the bear will be known as RIC Bear.  RIC stands for Reading Is Cool!

I will go ahead an thank you for your replies.  Once replies start coming in
I will not have the opportunity to e-mail each person interested.  I will
e-mail all selected sites and will do a general post to LM_NET listing
selected sites.  If I find I am missing certain states I would like for the
Bear to visit...I will also be posting on LM_NET about wanting those states.

Thank you,
Tony Pope, Media Specialist
McHenry Primary School
100 McHenry Drive
Rome, GA  30161
Phone:  (706)  236-1833

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