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>> >  Author and lecturer Leo Buscaglia once talked about a contest he was =
asked to judge.  The purpose of the contest was to find the most caring =
child.  The winner was a four year old child whose next door neighbor was =
an elderly gentleman who had recently lost his wife.  Upon seeing the man =
cry, the little boy went into the old gentleman's yard, climbed onto his =
lap, and just sat there.  When his mother asked him what he had said to =
neighbor, the little boy said, "Nothing, I just helped him cry."

  What It Means to Be Adopted
>>> >  Teacher Debbie Moon's first graders were discussing a picture of a =
family.   One little boy in the picture had a different color hair than =
the other family members.  One child suggested that he was adopted and a =
little girl said, "I know all about adoptions because I was adopted." =
"What does it mean to be adopted?" asked another child.  "It means," said =
the girl,
"that you grew in your mommy's heart instead of her tummy."

>>> >  A four year old was at the pediatrician for a check up.  As the =
doctor looked down her ears with an otoscope, he asked, "Do you think I'll =
find Big Bird in  here?"  The little girl stayed silent.  Next, the doctor =
took a tongue  depressor and looked down her throat.  He asked, "Do you =
think I'll find the  Cookie Monster down there?" Again, the little girl =
was silent.  Then the doctor put a stethoscope to her chest.  As he =
listened to her heart beat, he asked, "Do you think I'll hear Barney in =
there?" "Oh, no!" the
little  girl replied.  "Jesus is in my heart.  Barney's on my underpants."

>>> >  As I was driving home from work one day, I stopped to watch a local =
Little League baseball game that was being played in a park near my home.  =
As I sat down behind the bench on the first-base line, I asked one of the =
boys what the score was.  "We're behind 14 to nothing," he answered with a =
smile.  "Really," I said. "I have to say you don't look very discouraged."
 "Discouraged?" the boy asked with a puzzled look on his face.  "Why =
should we be discouraged?  We haven't been up to bat yet."

  Roles And How We Play Them
>>> >  Whenever I'm disappointed with my spot in my life, I stop and think =
about little Jamie Scott.  Jamie was trying out for a part in a school =
play.  His  mother told me that he'd set his heart on being in it, though =
she feared  he  would not be chosen.  On the day the parts were awarded, I =
went with her to  collect him after school.  Jamie rushed up to her, eyes =
shining with  pride and excitement.  "Guess what Mom," he shouted, and =
then said those
words  that will remain a lesson to me:  "I've been chosen to clap and =

  A Lesson In Heart
>>> >  A lesson in "heart" is my little, 10 year old daughter, Sarah, who =
was  born  with a muscle missing in her foot and wears a brace all the =
time.  She came  home one beautiful spring day to tell me she had competed =
in "field day"  -  that's where they have lots of races and other =
competitive events.  Because of her leg support, my mind raced as I tried =
to think of encouragement
 for my Sarah, things I could say to her about not letting this get her =
down -but before I could get a word out, she said "Daddy, I won two of the =
races!"  I couldn't believe it!  And then Sarah said, "I had an advantage."=
  Ah. I knew it.  I thought she must have been given a head start...some =
kind of physical advantage.  But again, before I could say anything, she =
said,  "Daddy, I didn't
 get a head start... My advantage was I had to try harder!"

  An Eye Witness Account from New York City, on a cold day in
 December...  (Wishfully, this is the kind of thing that would happen =
frequently, everywhere...)
>>> >  A little boy about 10 years old was standing before a shoe store on =
the  roadway, barefooted, peering through the window, and shivering with =
cold.  A  lady approached the boy and said, "My little fellow, why are you =
looking  so earnestly in that window?"  "I was asking God to give me a =
pair of shoes," was  the boys reply.  The lady took him by the hand and =
went into the
store  and asked the clerk to get half a dozen pairs of socks for the boy. =
  She then asked if he could give her a basin of water and a towel.  He =
quickly brought them to her.  She took the little fellow to the back part =
of the store and,  removing her gloves, knelt down, washed his little =
feet, and dried them with a towel.  By this time the clerk had returned =
with the socks.   Placing a pair
upon the boy's feet, she purchased him a pair of shoes.  She tied
up the  remaining pairs of socks and gave them to him.  She patted him on =
the head and said, "No doubt, my little fellow, you feel more comfortable =
now?"  As she turned to go, the astonished lad caught her by the hand, and =
looking up in her face, with tears his eyes, answered the question with =
these words:  "Are you God's Wife?"

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Lomira, WI
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