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1998 copyright date.  Some of them, if not all, were probably researched
in 1997 and only made the market by 1998.  The ones that concern me the
most are countries and science books in areas where information changes
rapidly.  I am trying to cull the old stuff out and get new, up-to-date

Good point, illustrating how much our view of what is current has changed in
recent years.  It seems to me that the solution is a systems approach that
combines (1) books; (2) quality periodicals that provide current information
on rapidly changing topics, such as world affairs and science; (3) use of
quality Internet resources to supplemnt the books and periodicals on an
essentially "real time" basis.  Books are, in my opinion, the *essential*
foundation of the library, and quality information-rich periodicals are
their necessary companion.  Today the Internet provides icing on the cake.
At all levels, what is needed is a systematic view of the types of resources
(print and digital, online and offline) and their integration in support of
both curriculum and free-range pursuit of individual interests.  In short,
we cannot reject new books because they were not the product of up-to-the
minute research completed this morning.

Kenneth W. Umbach, Ph.D., Policy Analyst, California Research Bureau,
California State Library, 900 N Street, Suite 300, Sacramento, CA 95814
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Phone: (voice) 916-653-6002 (fax) 916-654-5829
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