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Hi, Netters,

My "blown-EYB  lamp problem on newer EIKI overhead projectors" inquiry resulted
in 34 responses, with several of those requesting a "Hit". I will summarize
their remarks and quote two messages, because they provided in-depth comments.

Claudia Mahlman, Librarian
William S. Cohen School
304 Garland St.
Bangor ME 04401
Last year, a similar complaint floated on the LM_NET for a while, and 3-M
overhead projectors were mentioned often.

MANY librarians had EYB complaints. But also ENX lamps were mention several
times. Two librarians mentioned that EYB bulbs were now being made in Mexico,
and the rate of burnout has increased since the manufacturing location changed.
One librarian returned lamps which burnout quickly, to her supplier for free

Machines that use FCB or FAL lamps don't seem to have problems.

Almost all complaints mentioned that excessive-bulb blowing was not happening
with older projectors with a fan-thermostat feature. Newer projectors whose
fans are turned off at the same time the lights is turned off, blow many more
lamps. Those brands mentioned often mentioned were ELMO, BELL & HOWELL,
EIKI(BELL & HOWELL), BUHL, and 3-M (three times faster blow out rate from older
machines). Two librarians mentioned that projector brand made no difference,
but age did.

Surge protecting machinery has provide a limited amount of improvement.

Those teachers who run their overheads constantly all day, use the most bulbs.
Bulbs have 25 hour usage time.

"I finally got out of "buying" lamps by showing to my principals that the cost
of a lamp easily equals the cost of a book or more and that lamps should be
considered an instructional expense rather than a library expense since
teachers are using them.  Since then, my principals pay for the lamps out of
their miscellaneous expenses account.  I've also convinced them to pay for
laminating film in the same way.  However, I still am responsible for
storing and replacing lamps."

"Certain Elmo projectors have been recalled by the manufacturer due to a
defective the lamp unit. Serial numbers for recalled Elmo projectors are
317683, 317737, 317742, 317732, 317684, 317688, 317668, 317690, 317745, 317743,
317523, 317691, 317546, 317516,317733, 317670, 317663, 317682, 317685, 317671,
317739, 317744, 317665, 317662, 317687, 317664, 317544, 317669, 317666, 317519,
317667, 317549.
If you call Elmo at 1-800-896-3566 or fax them at 1-877-777-1095, then Elmo
will send you a new projector and you return your old projector in the same box
postage paid. The new projector is free if you have one of the above serial
numbers. Also, the Elmo representative said instead of using FXL bulbs to
switch to ENX-5 bulbs which gives more hours of on-time but cuts the voltage
just a bit. "

Summary of Suggestions from the librarians:

1. Buy ONLY overhead projectors with a separate fan button and thermistor
2. Contact suppliers to encourage them to "push" projectors with the thermistor
3. Contact manufactures of lamps and hardware to express you concern and
4. Give newer projectors to staff who only occasionally use an overhead, rather
than  to those who use it constantly. Reserve the older machines for the
"heavy" users
5. Don't turn lamps on/off/on quickly
6. Use a summer maintenance cleaning program to remove dust and "stuff" from
the fan area. The electrical housing units eventually wear-out, so replacement
may be a consideration.
7. When installing new lamp, write date on it. When burnt out, write "B-date"
and room # on it. At the end of the year determine the problem machines.  Have
those machines cleaned, checked by a repair person or discarded.
8. Insert new lamps with cloth, towel, tissue or packing material. Do not touch
lamp with fingers.
9. Don't move equipment when machine is warm or hot.
10. Have electrician check classrooms or school electrical system for power
surges or electrical problems

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