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Hello!  Thanks to the 63 people who responded to my TARGET about magazine

>Help!  I need some quick info on magazine subscriptions in middle and high
schools.  I looked in the archives but didn't find exactly what I was
looking for.
>If you can take a few seconds to respond, please tell me:
>1) Grade levels served
>2) Which of the following magazines you subscribe to:
>Teen, Seventeen, YM, Sassy, Jump, Ms., Mademoiselle, Elle, Glamour,Vogue

Here are the results.  I broke the grade levels into three categories:
7-8 (includes 6-8 and 5-8 responses)
9-12 (includes 10-12 responses)
7-12 (includes K-12 responses and those that didn't indicate a grade level)

I hope the columns come out all right!

                7-8     9-12    7-12    Total
Teen            12      16      14      42
Seventeen       8       19      17      44
YM              2       11      8       21
Sassy           0       3       0       3
Jump            6       10      8       24
Ms.             0       4       2       6
Mademois.       0       3       2       5
Elle            0       1       1       2
Glamour 0       6       2       8
Vogue           0       6       2       8

Items of interest:  Because of concerns about age-level appropriateness,
the following magazines had at least one respondent say the subscription
would be dropped for next year:  Seventeen, YM, Mademoiselle, Vogue

Age-level appropriateness seems to be a concern for many of us.  Some
alternatives to the magazines mentioned above were suggested:  Teen Voices,
Girl, Girls Life, Blue Jean, New Moon, Teen People, Sixteen, Super Teen,
American Girl.  More information about some of these was posted in today's
HIT: Magazines for MS/HS Girls on LM_NET.

A few specific comments were specifically helpful.  They are reposted with
the permission of the authors:

>I've just discovered a new one (to me) called NEW MOON.  It seems an
>excellent alternative to Seventeen for girls.  I was impressed with its
>content.  They sent me a sample.  call 800.381.4743
>Gabriella Evans

>The editorial policy of YM has changed and they now target an older
>audience.  Their target audience is young adults 21-25 years of age.  I
>wouldn't recommend it for middle schools or high schools anymore because
>of that change.
>Kathy Geronzin

The results of this informal survey are interesting, and perhaps will be of
use as we are considering our magazine subscriptions for next year.  I
think it is especially helpful to know of some alternatives that are


Linda Kramer
K-12 Media Specialist
Minneota Public School
Minneota, MN

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