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I have been working with 10 5th graders after school on a student generated
web page called "KidSpeak" which consists of their own articles written
with some direction and coaching but not much.  We try to put up a well
rounded product which deals with school and community activities as well as
topics a fifth grader would be interested.

We received a grant which was for the purchase of a digital camera to use
with the web page and....the evaluation for the grant process is due next
week.  The students are meeting for the last time this week.  They love to
get feed back - adult and student.  They would love to hear reactions and
feedback from students in other parts of the county or world.  They have
written a wide range of articles dealing with instructions and pictures on
how to style your own hair - to sensitive articles dealing with school
shootings.  We have previous articles archived also.

This was an interesting process - having the student "own" the page.  We
dealt with many Internet related issues - they really enjoyed this...and
actually asked if we could meet more than once a week after
school....right!  Like I don't have a life?

The page lives on our school dist. home page:

http://www.peninsula.wednet.edu/      (click on Featured Link KidSpeak)

or the extension to the actual page may work at:


our e mail is a link on the page  -  click on "contact us" or mail us
directly at kid_speak@peninsula.wednet.edu

Part of the "feedback" problem (or lack thereof) is that I just found out
the our Internet e mail was not working. Our NT Administrator assures me
that it is now but if all fails contact me at my e mail and I will forward
to my school account.

I appreciate any and all that you could manage with this.  This list has
become an extension of my professional life.  I know, also, how busy this
time of year is but I was thinking that this is a somewhat "safe" Internet
activity for students to be involved in...

Kathy Mladenich
Artondale Elem. School
Gig Harbor, WA

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