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Thanks for all of the responses.  It always helps to know you're not =
alone, and obviously, I'm not.

Lori Loranger, LMS
Robinson Elementary
Kirkwood, MO=20


Your problem does not seem to be unusual in elementary schools. We hear is =
at the elementary level every year, but never at the middle or high school =
levels despite staff changes. Would it be worth celebrating those teachers =
and students who are especially helpful and cooperative? We have a bit of =
a competition over whose class is the first to have all books turned in. =
They get first dibs on the encyclopedias being discarded or a sweet treat. =
They are also recognized on the morning announcements with special mention =
of how this ties into our character ed qualities of responsibility, good =
citizenship. Best of luck and don't let the cranks pull you down!


How did you announce the schedule for the end of the year. I usually send
out a memo outlining the schedule with clarifications. For instance the =
might contain the following:

June 7-All materials due for students
June 18-All materials due from staff.
June 21-All equipment needing repairs must be to the library.

Students and staff are welcome to use the library until the last day of
Good luck with your situation and remember-you can't please everyone!


 We allow students/teachers to complete research projects even after
we have closed checkout.  This year, I scheduled a paperback book fair and
it is going on this week, so students can still come to the library and =
(buy) books.  If you have an aide or parent volunteers or both, this might
be a good solution for you too.


This has been a common misconception since I started as a=20
librarian 25 years ago.
It is all about perception and what people perceive is what they know to =
true.  Unfortunately, many librarians see themselves as clerk/librarians=20=

and not as teacher/librarians.  When you have to get books in early it=20
seems to others that the library is "closing down" and therefore the =
inside will have nothing to do but check in and shelve books (clerk-work=20=

not teacher- work).
In my experience, I finally allowed for overnight checkouts the last =
weeks of school and I NEVER stopped a student or teacher from having =
they need.  It made my last days of schools wild and stressful, but=20
perception changed and the complaints were taken away from them.  We =
lose a lot of books and when the principal would ask about it, I would=20
explain that the philosophy of the school was that it is more important=20
that the students and teachers have what they need at all times than =
we get every thing in on time.

Another thing is to have a library committee within your building.  All=20
library policy and rules would be a result of the committee (when books =
due, how much for fines, if any, how many classes in the library at a =
sign up procedure, book limit on checkouts, book selection,etc)  I =
new teachers would eagerly serve on the committee because they weren't =
loaded up.  You only have to meet once or twice a year.  But then the=20
complainers could have a form (you can easily create this--Call it=20
something like suggestions to the library committee) to fill out that =
will be happy to take their concerns to the committee and then get back =
This puts you in a proactive role rather than defensive and then it is =
longer your decision but a committee of teachers.  This also makes you =
of the teacher group and gives them all some ownership.

Another successful thing is to do a library newsletter to the faculty.  =
can give them circ statistics, student or class library visit numbers, =
books, interesting research ideas, good websites, maybe even a little =
review.  Now I know you are wondering where you will get the time.  PR=20
should be a big part of what you do--it just has to be.  Let the =
stuff slide when you can.  Make the newsletter a class project for a =
 One librarian in our district did one that was one page and posted it =
the Ladies Room door--right at eye-level when you were sitting!!  She =
being proactive but she knew it was being read because teacher's began =
ask questions about information on the sheets.

Also, get a copy of Gary Hartzell's book Building Influence For the =
Librarian and really pay attention to what he says (Linworth Pub.)  He =
absolutely change the way you think about your relationship to your=20
teachers (or affirm and strengthen what is already in place.

You are fighting an age old problem and you need to build a core of =
support.  Guess what?  Some you will never change--that's just the way =
are.  But maybe you can get them to focus in another direction. =20
Unfortunately, decades of stereotyping has done us in.


Perhaps you might ask your administration's permission to post this
(i.e. let them in on the joke), used in conjunction with one or more of =
"Conversation Starters for the Adventurous" included hereafter:

        It has come to the attention of administration that toilet
facilities, reserved for the use of teachers, are often observed to be
vacant.  Choices which appear to be left to us are that teachers will =
additional effort to avail themselves of these facilities more frequently,
or (in fairness to all, of course), teachers may expect to (stand in line
to) share student facilities, and those heretofor reserved for teachers
will be put to better use.

        (Ex-Lax for dysfunctional assholes, anyone?)  {;-}>


--Conversation Starters for the Adventurous--

        The argument "I don't go to the library, therefore I don't benefit
from the library, therefore I don't need a library," is as reasonable as
the argument which suggests "I don't go to the water treatment plant... ."

        Some days doors are not needed to hold out the cold or the heat.
But it is the fool which discards his/her doors on such a day, only to =
and not have them, later.
        Likewise, it is the fool which abandons or destroys his/her =
on Tuesday, only to recall its necessity on Monday, next.

        (Learn to) be grateful for what you have (lest it otherwise be =
than what you deserve).

        The rationale which sees any ESSENTIAL program nevertheless being
cut, simply because it is oxymoronically misperceived as being "less
essential," compares with the notion that cherries may be rationally
eliminated from the planet because, after all, the ratio of seeds to fruit
is less favorable than that of an apple or an orange.
        Such logic will prove less than fruitful.

        When ground beef is achieved by simply processing an entire cow
through a meat grinder, those who imagine or define libraries, simply, as
rooms filled with books, may have a point.

        Expecting 100% "success" in most dealings is like purposefully
working to eliminate all the air from a loaf of bread.

        The idea that we may (and even must!) be "fair and equal" through
equal access and the like compares to the idea that we ought to give equal
time to all the letters of the alphabet in EVERY sentence.  The walrus =
not abide with the quail; their natures preclude it.  Neither should we
think we may compel boys and girls; men and women; heterosexuals and
homosexuals; headhunters and househunters ; trumpets and clarinets to be
and act similarly.  Their own nature defines that they are electively and
essentially, rather than prejudicially, uniquely different.

        Observably, the simple choice is between the barbaric or the
community-minded.  Observably there is no middle ground.  Observably, we
will choose, and be responsible for our personal choices.

        A theory or practice which has even the smallest hole, is like a
balloon with the same condition.  We will patch or discard what is flawed,
or otherwise destine ourselves to ever seeking to keep it supplied with =
air.  With the latter, what we prove is not that what we have will fly on
its own, but rather that we are ourselves simple windbags--full of hot air
(and blowing it).

        With libraries, what is happening routinely, at present, compares
to individuals whose only experience with food is in eating it, being the
ones to decide what, if anything, is to be prepared, served, and stored,
and what budget is available for this miracle to occur.  Under such
conditions, those being served should be surprised and elated to get =

        Seek the number of enemies you would be comfortable having in lean
times.  Likewise, seek the number of friends you would have then.  If you
have a bone to pick with others, be aware whose bone you will have picked,
and why... .

        Judging others by one's own standards ensures that they will have
failed in one's own eyes; proving nothing.
        If we would judge others to any useful effect, it must be by
standards THEY espouse.

        Many may be observed to be looking for excuses to abuse, rather
than reasons to assist.  I can not fathom how this helps us elevate
ourselves and others.
        Please, how may I help?


I had this happen also. Two things may help. Make sure that you have an
up-to-date job description. also, if you have your planning books from
past years you can actually tabulate what has happened with your student
contact time. Graph it and share it with a few sympathetic teachers. When
your work load comes up, they can speak for you. I found good support from
the teachers who tried to get in and found the library too busy to
accommodate them.=20


after working 13 years in a K-12 building - I found elementary teachers to
be the biggest bunch of complainers in the world - it wouldn't matter much
WHAT you did - you would still be in the wrong - hang in there!!!
you notice I am now at a college!!!!

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