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I'm learning that the complainers in any organization who think that
their primary function is to do just that! They're not the workers,
they're the slackers; they do little for anyone except themselves. They
don't know the meaning of teamwork, so don't let yourself get upset.

How about listing all the things you have to do in a memo to the staff,
or if there's a newsletter, use that as a vehicle.


You already are doing the
best thing you could:  lots of personal contact and keeping meticulous
statistics.  I advise the elementary school librarians in the Archdiocese
(they have an uphill battle all the way)  to make regular written reports
to their principals and to include statistics with analysis of the trends
they show.  My principal likes my reports so much that occasionally she
puts them up on the faculty bulletin board.  It was her idea, but what a
relief that I don't have to publicize the issues myself.

You can get bogged down by numbers, so count some things as a sampler
count, not a perpetual one---say, over a two week period.
Count something that shows impact on the students' education instead of
something with personal impact on you.

This is the example I give:   Say you are troubled by teachers who bring
their classes to the library, and instead of sharing in the storytelling
experience with their class and exploring the bookshelves with their kids,
they sit and grade papers---or worse, duck out on personal business.
Complaining to the principal is the worse thing you can do, because no
matter how carefully it is said, the listener will probably figure the
underlying message is one of petty jealousy.    Instead, realize that the
root of your irritation is that the kids are not getting as full an
educational experience as they might.  They miss the reinforcement of the
teacher talking about books one-on-one with them.  Because their teacher
didn't listen to the story or realize what the librarian's theme was in =
presentation, they get no followup in the classroom.   One thing you can
count is how many students approach you after the story for that personal
contact, and how many you can actually have a solid experience with before
the class leaves.   Contrast those figures with figures kept when one of
the better teachers does not use the time for her personal agenda but =
in the readers advisory/reference work.  If there are discrepancies in the
numbers for the two kinds of teachers, put them in a report without naming
names and explain your concern.  If you don't get the numbers to back up
your suspicions, then say nothiing and at all.  But keep your mind open =
other things to count.


You are on the right track. I keep a tally every day of how many students
and teachers use the LMC. We are on a block schedule, so my sheet lists
before school, 1st block, 2nd block, seminar (lunch), 3rd block, 4th =
after school. Each week I enter the week's totals in a spreadsheet, and at
the end of the month I turn in a copy to the principal. I think next year =
will post the information on my web page.

I also have teachers sign up for using the library, so everyone knows when
a class will be in. Often teachers will work with each other if there will
be a conflict, either by rescheduling or asking if the two groups can be =
at once.

Even though I'm at the far end of the building, right next to the
lunchroom, I still have teachers popping in to see what is going on. Yes,
some of them are trying to hide, others are homeless for the block and no
one is in the lounge or too many people are in the lounge, but many of =
are just here to see what's new. Of course, the jar of chocolates may =


I've had this problem with a few things through out the year especially =
policy on managing student xerox aides (how did I get to be in charge of =
Anyway, the best thing I have done is to put out policy announcements =
and verbal on the reasons WHY we are doing what we are doing.  If you can =
educational, or legal reasons for doing something then usually people will
understand.  Reason just doesn't work well enough.  That has been my =


Publish a monthly newsletter that includes some of your
*statistics* for all to see on a regular basis... and
highlight a different project, lesson, or activity
completed with a classroom teacher in each issue????


It has taken me 4 years to tell them when need time to get the books back. =
are very diligent throughout the year about overdues. The teachers now =
know when
the last due date is two weeks before the end of school, I will work with =
They have first dibs with the discarded books, so many have their own =
libraries.  Also they know I will checkout materials to them.  We have =
added a computer lab to the library and that is available for them for
research.  This year I took a proposed calender to the site based coucil, =
and it
was approved there.  This is year I am collecting textbooks for the first =
and then I will check them out to students in the fall.  The staff only =
was that I didn't have enough time.  It is tough to make changes.  Candy =
I put a note in their boxes with candy for halloween, Valentine's day, =
week, etc. and have a dish in my office. It all helps when you need =
from them to have "sweetened them up".


I am curious about your relationship with your principal and the goals
held for the use of the LMC and LMS by teachers.  IF you do not have the
keen desire on the part of the principal that this usage shall happen, I
do not believe there is a lot you can do but work with the ones who want
to have the collaboration in their classrooms.  With luck parents will
observe how some classes give more to their kids than others.

The one thing that really makes a program work is when the principal
includes comments on the classroom teacher's evaluation regarding how they
use the LMC program and how much they collaborate.  If your principal
would buy into this it could help your program.  I see you have flex
schedules...that is good.


Since you have no authority over the teachers and can work with only
the children with whom you are allowed to work (cooperative classroom
teachers), as one awful principal (non-demanding of the
teachers/non-evaluating of them as well)  "You can only offer your
services."  I hope you can develop teamwork with your principal.


Lori Loranger, LMS
Robinson Elementary
Kirkwood, MO

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