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 The plague of the elem. sch. librarian.  If they see  you even going to =
the bathroom once a week they are convinced you to NOTHING BUT go to the =
bathroom all the time and you have too easy a job.  I had various means of =
dealing with this depending upon the particular teacher.  Some I simply =
out and out confronted, asked them to explain themselves and offered a =
trading places day  (you be me and I'll be you).  Others I would approach =
with a:  "I know you do a unit each year on such and such.  I like to do =
one collaborative teaching unit per semester and would just love to =
collaborate with you.  I will help you plan, implement, teach and =
culminate the unit utilizing the library and its resources as an extension =
of your classroom.  etc. etc. etc."  That won over A LOT of people, one of =
whom went on to become a school librarian herself - after being my BIGGEST =
and most VOCIFEROUS critic!  Nevertheless, I still moved on to high school =
which has its own set of problems!

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