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Hello Everyone

We are posting to the list to make everyone aware of some opportunities
we have with our project (Kentucky Migrant Technology Project) located
in Shelbyville, Kentucky.  Please forward this on to any Spanish
teachers or translators in your buildings. As some of you know, we are
currently underway with a large online virtual school project.  We now
have approximately 26 online courses, grades 6-12, that have been
developed for the project by practicing teachers in the core areas of
Math, Science, Social Studies, English, Humanities, and Vocational.  All
of them will be accessible on the web shortly. All the courses are in
the English language now.  We would like to have as many of these as
possible translated over to Spanish for our Non-English speaking
students.  We would appreciate everyone’s help spreading the word about
this need so we can get these translated by July 15th.  We would like to
offer these courses in English and Spanish this coming school year on
the web for everyone to use. A sample biology course can be seen on our
website at http://www.migrant.org

Each document (segment of a course) to be translated will be roughly
equal in length and level of difficulty.  We estimate that each document
to be translated will vary from 60-90 pages.  All pages are double
spaced, one sided, and many are only half to one third of a page.  The
Websites (URL’s) noted on each page will not have to be typed or keyed
in.  We will complete this task here in the office.  The stipend for
these sections will be $1200.  We ask that anyone interested would have
translating experience, some work samples, and references.  Once we have
a chance to talk with you then we will send out a packet for you to
examine further.  If we are all in accord, then we will need at least
half of the work completed by June 25th for us to gauge progress.  Once
all work is complete and reviewed by our staff, then a check will be
mailed from our organization.

We would appreciate everyone’s help on this so that these wonderful
resources can get into the hands of even more students this year.  I can
be contacted at

Michael Abell
KMTP Project
Ohio Valley Educational Coop.
502-647-3533 ext.240

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