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It has only been a day since I posted my question about the Neal-Schumann
Information Literacy Program, but I thought I would post the responses I've
received so far.

I would like to see the review in Library Talk that is referred to.  I looked
in ERIC database, but it is too recent to appear there and haven't had a
chance to look further.  If I find it, I will let everyone know.  If anyone
else has access to it or can direct me to it, please let me know.

Here are the responses I've received:

We have the book and I am developing an information literacy course
that I hope to have approved in October of next year.  I am using the
book only for ideas since I believe some of the worksheets to be too
easy for high school students.

I have purchased and used the book Developing Information Literacy. It
is excellent and well worth the money. All of the documents on the CD
can be opened with Microsoft Word and you can then tailor them to fit
your information literacy program. I am using the Big Six and this fits
quite well with that.

FYI, it is reviewed in the May/June issue of Library Talk magazine.

Yes, we used it when we developed our k-12 curriculum this year, as a
resource.  It has some excellent ideas.


Caroline Petersen
Mount Tamalpais School

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