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Here is my original request:
I would like to spend part of my book fair money on a set of atlases to use
with fourth graders when we go over different types of reference books.  I
discovered that our collection was lacking in this area when I did this unit
with them and got ready to teach atlas skills.  Lo and behold, I only had all
types of atlases  but I only had one title with more than one copy (and even
then I only had two copies -- not nearly enough for a whole class).

Please send me suggestions of titles that you have used successfully with
4th graders.

Here are the suggestions which I received since quite a few people requested a

The Scholastic paperback atlas, of which I purchased 30 copies, is part
of Scholastic Skills Books--Scholastic Student Desk Atlas, copyright 1992.

World Alamac sells a paperback atlas that come in a classroom set with a
set of activities.  I use it with 3-5 grades.

Rand McNally has a very nice Atlas kit for about $200.  I've purchased a
set for my last three schools.

Our 4th grade teachers and I love the Rand McNally Classroom Activity
Atlas Program...it is in their catalog...you get a set of 30 atlases (very
user friendly for 4th graders) and activities...good luck...

The atlases are Rand McNally Quick Reference World Atlas, 58 pages, c
1995 .

I have found the National Geographic Atlas for Young Explorers excellent
(and low cost).

I just found out that you can call World Almanac and they will send you
copies to preview.  You might give that a try.

Also, can anyone fulfill this request which I received?
I am looking for a CD-ROM Atlas that runs on Mac that you think is especially

Thank You.
Carole Holway
Media Specialist
Tampa Preparatory School
Tampa, Florida

I would like to thank everyone who helped me.  I'm not quite sure what I am
ordering yet but I am leaning towards the Rand McNally set.  I did not get any
responses about altas activities.

Vicki Asper
Media Coordinator
Rockfish Hoke Elementary School
Raeford, NC

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