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Today the 4th graders came to our school for a tour and a few talks
before arriving as students in 5th grade.  I usually do some kind of
goofy thing (must keep up my reputation.)  Well today I had
dressed up as a pirate (my Pirates of Penzance costume) and
scared them all by jumping out of the trap door on the stage doing
my gruff "Aye matties" voice, saying I had searched the world over
for books for them.  While they were all laughing and getting over
being scared I noticed a stranger in the back of the auditorium
standing next to our superintendent.   When I was done my
principal came up to me laughing saying that the new
superintendent liked my routine.  Oh well, I guess he knows me
now.   By the way, one year I got the day wrong and I was waiting
under the stage by the trap door a day early.  When no one
showed up after about 45 minutes, I realized I had the wrong day --
oh well.
Frederick Muller
fmuller@tellurian.net         Halsted Middle School
(973) 383-7440  ext.228       59 Halsted Street
FAX (973) 383-7432             Newton, NJ   07860
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