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Many of the replies that I got about covering computers for the summer used
old sheets.  A few said that the plastic trash bags weren't bad as long as
they were put on loosely, leaving enough room for air to circulation.  Many
of the teachers at my school put the computers on rolling projector carts
and wrapped the carts in old newspapers to protect them.

I got sheets from the thrift store and covered my computers with them.
Usually I don't cover them at all but we are having wiring installed over
the summer and I wanted to protect them.  I will be at school periodically
to check out books to the summer camp students so I put my circulation
computer on a rolling computer table and all I have to do is plug it up to
use it.

Here are some other replies that I received:

Use old T-shirts with neck and arm openings sewn or stapled shut.  1 for the
monitor and one for the cpu (large or extra large should do).

Here in Florida- two blocks form the beach no less, we opt for sheets.
two years ago before I told them to stop we lost 6 computers over the summer
to humidity related problems because people were covering computers with
Hefty bags!

I use the picnic table clothes. The kind that are plastic on the top, but a
soft felt like material on the bottom. If you just use old sheets you have
no protection against a leaky rough. We had a tornado at an area school that
ripped the roof off the media center. The computers were saved that  were
covered with plastic. The ones with pillow cases and sheets over them had to
be thrown away. I don't know how your district is, but ours doesn't really
carry insurance on everything. The teacher whose computers were lost in the
storm did not get replacements.
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