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I am writing this note at the request of Johanna Halbeisen from
Massachusetts.  I had written her to thank her for
her letter regarding Clueless Administrator problems.  I told her the
    I've been a librarian for 20 years now in elementary schools and in
one middle school.  My principal at my current elementary school cannot
see the link between our reading specialists and the reading program and
the library.  I think to her the library is a place to go to check out
books and materials for teachers.  However, when it comes to really
reading and motivating kids to read and working with teachers on
curriculum, she won't back me or tells me the teachers are too busy for
this program or that idea, etc.  I can't understand how she can separate
reading from the library the way she does.

Perhaps this could start someone thinking about an article that could be
written regarding the tie we all know exists between
motivating teachers to read aloud and do fun things with the curriculum
and helping the children become lifelong readers by enjoying reading.
My principal could benefit from such an article in one of her journals.

Roberta Moecker
School Librarian
Scobee Elementary
San Antonio, TX  78249

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