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BGM (Brooklyn-Guernsey-Malcom) Community Schools in Brooklyn, Iowa has a
K-12 library media position open. The position is 1/2 time K-6 with about
375 students and 1/2 time 7-12 with about 325 students and is split between
two buildings. The libraries are currently in the process of automation,
and a new elementary building will begin construction this fall which when
completed will create a K-12 campus for the district. I will miss out on
designing a new library, but someone else will gain this exciting

Brooklyn, Iowa is just off I-80 at mile marker 197. It is conveniently
located almost right between Des Moines (about 75 minutes away) and Iowa
City (about 45-50 minutes away). It is a rural community committed to
education. The staff, faculty, and students are very welcoming.

Unfortunately, I have come to a time in my life that I need to be in
another location geographically and I have had to resign. I will miss BGM
and I would like to see the position filled with a qualified, dynamic

For more information contact
BGM Community Schools
Terry McLeod, Superintendent of Schools
1090 Jackson Street
Brooklyn, Iowa 52211
(515) 522-7058
fax (515) 522-7211

or e-mail Rick Radcliffe, High School Principal at
rradcliffe@po-1.brooklyn.k12.ia.us or the board secretary Mara Montgomery

The school year is ending and I will only be able to check my e-mail until
June 1, 1999. I do not have a computer at home right now and so I will be
without e-mail for the summer. If you have questions for me personally,
please e-mail me before June 1, 1999 or call me at home (515) 236- 6618
before June 12, 1999. After June 12, 1999 I will have moved and I will no
longer be available.


Sarah Latcham
K-12 Library Media Specialist
BGM Community Schools
Brooklyn, Iowa
(515) 522-7058

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