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In the past eight years, our school has divided into two separate schools and
we have had a total of eight different administrators...soon to be nine...So,
I have now worked for many I feel were excellent and a few who were far

From my observations, I truly believe that each administrator has his/her own
agenda and you have the choice of finding out just how that comes into play
with your position, or you can be frustrated or angry most of the time.

I am not intimidated by authority; therefore, I make a point of attending all
staff meetings, making a personal contact as often as possible, and yet
keeping to myself a great deal of the time. I see my role as one of support,
but I prefer to be left alone with my own programs, unless challenged!

My husband is an administrator at a local university. He tells me over and
over that the sign of a good administrator is that he/she can "delegate" and
he/she outwardly recognizes the people with whom he/she works. His advice to
me is basic, but solid.

He says if I make it a point to show respect and present my administration in
a positive manner, then those feelings and that respect will be reciprocated.
If I consider them "clueless", then I need to take on some of the
responsibility for helping he/she to NOT be so. He says that an administrator
can and will only help if he/she is made aware of a potential problem or
concern. However, he says that if I am willing to take the first step towards
addressing a problem, then I also need to be willing to be part of the

I have used this "Admin 101" strategy several times, and I am most happy to
admit it DOES work! Until *I* said, "No, that's an impossible
timeframe...BECAUSE....", a few of the administrators had rather unrealistic
expectations. Given the facts, turning the focus to a positive, "But, by
doing THIS, we can EASILY...." made all the difference, and we both came out
of the meetings feeling positive and definitely NOT clueless!

Try it...be positive and informative....don't consider administrators to be
adversaries, but conduits to help make YOUR job more enjoyable...It works...I
have a wonderful principal and am looking forward to meeting administrator
nine very soon! ;-)

Jane ;-)
Jane Coffey
Earl Elementary
Technology Support Specialist

The Read In!
Project Director/Founder

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