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I am looking for information on library programs for four-year-olds. I
would like to know how often and for how long you "see" them, do you do
just stories, stories with extension activites, do they check out books,
do they browse from selected materials or the general collection, have
you labeled the collection or separated the collection in any special
way to accomodate their needs? Do their teachers stay with them in the
library? Do you and their teachers team on a lesson or activity or do
the teachers simply help chaperone? Do they (JK) check out books to take
home, just for the classroom, not at all?

I would appreciate your help in comparing my program with yours. My JK
teachers seem to be wanting something more--we thought other schools may
have interesting approaches we could adapt/adopt for our JK program.
I'll be happy to share what I do with you too.

Thank you --as we plan for next year your help will be deeply
appreciated--there are more JK teachers than librarians and my opinion
does not always carry enough weight. Suggestions from other librarians
in similiar situations will help.I am open to change so long as I know
the "change" is working elsewhere.

Nancy Lieber
Lower School Library/Media Specialist
University School of Milwaukee, Milwaukee, WI
Nlieber@execpc.com  or Nlieber@usm.k12.wi.us

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