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Here's what's come in on my request:
There is some poem about "Mr. Bleezer's" ice cream shop, I think. It
gives a long, fun list of flavors.  I can't remember where it is
found, though. Also, if you can get hold of the book The Last of the
Really Great
Whangdoodles by Julie (Andrews) Edwards, there is a great chapter in
there about a soda fountain that creates whatever ice cream treat you
can dream up.  I've read this to 3rd and 4th graders, then had them
draw, describe, and name a concoction of their own.
The Scoop on Ice Cream by Cobb and
Ben & Jerry by Greenberg
I think Striped Icecream by Joan Lexau might work for you.
Green, Phyllis, Eating Ice Cream with a Werewolf
Hurwitz, Johanna, Aldo Ice Cream
Lexau, Joan M., Striped Ice Cream
McPhail, David, Pig Pig and the Ice Cream Man
Modell, Frank, Ice Cream Soup
Moncure, Jane Belk, Ice Cream Cows and Mitten Sheep
Moore, Elaine, Chocolate Daze
Rayner, ?, Garth Pig and the Ice Cream Lady
Rey, H.A., Curious George goes to an Ice Cream Shop
Siracusa, Catherine, The Banana Split from Outer Space
Van Leeuwen, Jean, Too Hot for Ice Cream
Warner, Gertrude, The Chocolate Sundae Mystery
Watahabe, Shigeo, Ice Cream is Falling
Look in A Poem for a Pickle by Eve Merriam.  The Ice Cream Fountain
Mountain is an excellent poem for 3rd grade!
Curious George goes to the Ice Cream Store.
Shel Silverstein poem about ice cream in Where the Sidewalk Ends.
In the musical performance of Anne of Green Gables there is a wonderful
about ice cream.  I don't know where you might find the lyrics but it is

really "catchy" and up beat.  Author of the book is Lucy Maude
and it is performed every summer at the Charlottetown Festival.
I know a cute little song - don't know how to do the
tune via e-mail, but just make something up.

Ice cream man, do you know
I like __________ ice cream so    (filll in flavor)
Find some ___________, if you can
Thank you, ice cream man.

You could have the "buddies" use their names and ask
for flavors for each other.
As usual, you folks are amazing....thanks!

Jody Newman
Library Aide
Center School
Stow MA

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