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Since some of you are signing off already (we don't finish school until
June 30th), I thought I would send out my thanks now in order to catch all
of you. You have truly made my life in the library so much easier. You have
made me look so much more knowledgeable than I am, and you have responded
to every plea for help.

I'll be signing off in June to return home to St. Louis....for at least 2
years. Although I've investigated doing an MLS, I've decided to do a
Masters in Education. This decision had nothing to do with you--you've all
been so wonderful, it was hard NOT to choose that option. Bottom line, I
just love having a class of my own. This has been a great experience and
one I will always treasure. My hat is off to you......It has truly been a
privilege and an honor to be a part of the LM Net....and you may find me
lurking in the shadows next year--looking for wonderful sources for my
classes! I assume that's okay?

May your summer be filled with great books, peace, and quiet.

Denell dhilgendorf@sisf.minoh.osaka.jp
Osaka Int'l School
Grade teacher on assignment in the library

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