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Harry, I have this book, but it is reviewed from the standpoint of a PUBLIC
librarian. Look at the reviewers in the book - only one has school library
experience. I reviewed this book for a publication when the book came
out,and I couldn't give it a high review because of the public library bias
that was so strong. They have no idea how students and teachers use the Net.

Carol:  Yes, I understand the public library bias, I helped Karen do the
research.  However, that does not invalidate the careful study of how
filters operate, install and create the "big brother" environment that
lulls faculty and administration into a false sense of security.  I contend
that it is a valid resource for anyone thinking of using an Internet
filter.  And yes, I have been school librarian, and I work with about 150
schools in 40 school districts.  The captive atmosphere and the cloud of
parent indignation is stronger in a school setting, but that does not
override the necessity of finding out what's wrong with them.

Harrry Willems
Southeast Kansas Library System

Harry Willems                   http://www.sekls.lib.ks.us/staff/willems
Consultant, Assistant Dir.
Southeast Kansas Library System
Iola, KS  66749         Fax: 316.365.5137       Vox: 316.365.5136

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