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I am hoping that my friends in the LM_NET community will allow me the
luxury of major venting at this time of year.

On Wednesday during Seminar/Tutorial period (block schedule) while I had
large numbers of students all frantically typing, writing, searching for
Junior and Senior term papers one of our engineer types came in to tell me
that "You heard that you will be getting new carpet this summer?"  Well I
hadn't heard and managed to wedge in 3 minutes of talking to him.  I asked
if he could come back when I had some time to meet.  I then alerted my

Today we were having a "Technology Day" showcasing technology.  I was
upstairs presenting at a session on how to use the digital camera and
scanner.  When I came downstairs my tech (half time mornings) said the
principal and engineer had been in to talk about the new carpet and that
all had been decided.  REALLY BIG SCREAM!

I asked the principal via email if we could schedule a time when I could be
there.  His answer back was that it couldn't be scheduled, "it is already
done, Joe and I will moniter over the summer".  I am NOT HAPPY!

Knowing how these things go  I will still have to make some plans.  I know
I can get to the archives for the hits on packing up a library for
rennovation, moving, carpeting etc.  Are there some other things I can
bring up to the principal concerning recarpeting a library?

Thanks for letting me vent on after a very stressful week.

Debbie Stafford
Gen. H.H. Arnold High School
Wiesbaden Germany
Now proudly on the web at www.wies-hs-odedodea.edu

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