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I just received version 4 of Spectrum and I love the idea of the student's
photos  appearing on the screen when they scan their library card.  The font
for their name is way to small for most students to read.  My only concern
is how am I going to take everybody's photos and load them into the
computer? Does anybody have any ideas?  Right now I am planning to hold off
on circulation in September for a week (I usually begin circulation on the
first day of school) and just do it then. The school photos aren't booked
until November unfortunately.  I am very lucky that I have (limited) access
to a digital camera and a scanner to load the photos into my computer.
Right now, I am planning to use the digital camera to take photos of each
student by class in that first week - but I estimate it will take twenty
minutes to take the 25 per class photos and another 20 minutes to upload and
save them on the computer.  This seems to be a lengthy process.  I have 900+
students and I work part-time here, alone, in a JK-8 school.  Any
suggestions are welcome because I do think this is a great feature and I
would like to use it!

geraldine slark
St Marguerite d'Youville Elementary
Oakville, Canada

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