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Here's a summary of the responses to my question about the Microsoft offer - is it 
Thank you!
Julia Henninger
Casis Elementary
Austin, TX

> if it says something like.....forward this to everyone you know  OR
> if you are guaranteed to make a whole bunch of money for doing nothing.......
> IT'S NOT REAL!  Just delete it.  What many people don't realize is forwarding
> hoaxes and chain letters slows down the 'net, making it a less pleasant experience
> for everyone.
> Read about this particular hoax here
> http://urbanlegends.miningco.com/library/weekly/aa051299.htm?pid=2733&cob=home

> You're right...it's another urban legend.
> http://urbanlegends.about.com/
> has an article about this and related email tracking fakes.

> If you forwarded this message, you've been had

> I got the same one - it's a fake - I sent it to a few buddies just for kicks
> - have heard or rec'd absolutely NOTHING!

> Instead of asking 10,000 people, next time you could use one of the many
> hoax sites that have been posted to LM_Net before.  Just do a simple
> search for "hoax" or "urban legend" and you'll get at least half a dozen
> useful sites where you can find if something has already been disclosed
> as a hoax.

> this is a fake.  I was just at Microsoft's web page last night and the
> mentioned this Hoax.

> I got a similar message only mine said if 13,000 people were emailed 1,300
> people would receive $5,000 and the rest of the 13,000 would get a free one
> week all expense paid trip to Disney
> during the summer of 1999.

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