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More information on Author visits by states and regions:
From Gorham, NY (Finger Lakes Region):

Our school is a K-5 in the Finger Lakes region of New York.  We had two
author visits this spring:

Robin Moore, of eastern PA. He writes historical fiction and easy
versions of classics (e.g., Hunchback, Tarzan) as well as some sci fi.
He is also a storyteller and held our kids spellbound.  He brought along
clothing and items from colonial times, as his family does things like
treat deer hides and make clothes from them.  He did an assembly for K-2
and one for 3-5, as well as half-hour workshops on creativity and
writing for grades 3-5.

Natalie Kinsey-Warnock (The Bear that Heard Crying, The Canada Geese
Quilt), of the Northeast Kingdom in Vermont.  We had her for assemblies
only, but again, the kids were fascinated and moved by her stories of
family and slides of pets she has rescued from abusive owners.  She also
brought along many quilts her grandmother had made, some representing
the stories she (Natalie) has had published.  She encourages kids to
recognize that "ordinary people" can become writers and to try it
From Quakertown, PA:

We had David Wisniewski, he was great. Our location is Quakertown, PA.
His location is Frederick, MD.
Cost was $1,000 per day. He can be contacted through Clarion Books.
From South Carolina:

I had Chris Soentpiet, illustrator/author who was fabulous for all age
my school is an elementary k-5,in SC
Chris lives in NY City
cost $1000
From suburban Philadelphi, PA-

Author: Valerie Flournoy
                lives in Palmyra NJ
Location of school: surburban Philadelphia, PA
Grade level: K-5
Cost: $600
Note: doesn't do large assembly-type programs, but will do groups of 100
- 150
She did 6 presentations for us--one for each grade level
From Ramsey, NJ

We've had an author every school year...
Jerry Pinkney, Lindsay Barrett George, Gail Gibbons, Jonathan London,
Patricia Reilly Giff, Steven Kellogg, Jose Aruego,
Simon James, Cynthia De Felice, Lenoard and Ethel Kessler...
John Y. Dater Elementary School ]
Ramsey, New Jersey (Bergen County)
Cost varies: $1000. - $2000.
From Delran, NJ:

I've had 2 authors who have provided excellent visits.  Had them both
years ago but I know that they continue to do them.
Dyan DiSalvo-Ryan, lives in Haddonfield NJ, for grades K-3
Dan Gutman, also in Haddonfield, great for grades 3 up through middle
    His books are enjoyed by my 4th and 5th graders, The Kid Who Ran for
    Million Dollar Shot, Honus and Me, and I believe he's writen some
for lower readers for Scholastic

I don't know their prices because visits were a few years ago and now
our PTA
makes all the arrangements.
Hope you decide to use one of them - we're located in the Philadelphia
From Ridgewood,NJ

I've had the pleasure of hosting three very different visitors in my
last five years as a libraian:
Doug Florian - poet and illustrator cost approx $1000 - I'm at home now
and don't
remember the exact figures.  The kids still talk about him, we had him
about a year
and a half ago speaking to small groups in my K - 5 elem school.  His
extremely dry
wit was thoroughly enjoyed by staff and parents as well, he's real low
key and
Tom Lee is a storyteller extraordinaire, cost about $800 - he told
wonderful age
appropriate stories that totally captivated the children.  I met him at
a conference
at Teacher's College (Columbia U) in NYC and knew he would be a hit with
Well worth the money, really got the children into storytelling (K - 5).
Jerry Pallotta author - $1200 plus expenses - lives outside of Boston -
I thoroughly
enjoyed his presentation at a K - 3 school in Allendale NJ five years
ago.  His
presentations are fun, and informative, much like his books.  He talks
about how
much research goes into his alphabet books.  I'm hosting both Jerry and
illustrator Ralph Masiello on June 11th in case anyone out there would
like to
preview them.  Knowing Jerry from his previous visit and having met
Ralph at EMA a
year or two ago, this should be an interesting event.  (Yes I'm nervous
about this
date, I've never hosted two such enthusiatic people before.)
From NJ:

We have had two fabulous NJ author visits in the past two years.  1/
Gutman who writes lots of sports bios and fiction.  He has a great web
and encourges the kids to write to him before and after the visit.

2/  Tim Jacobus  the illustrator for the Goosebumps books, believe it or
 He was incredible, great message of encouragement, and i can't believe
many kids say they want to be an illustrator because of his visit.

I will have to get the info for both for you if you are interested, but
can't go wrong with either.  I'd like to have both back again.   Good
From Allentown, NJ:

We have had two wonderful author visits in the last 2 years....I'm the
> library media specialist in a K-8 school in Allentown, NJ.
> David Adler
> Doug Florian
From Swedesboro, NJ:

We've had Valerie Flournoy (from NJ) visit our school at least 4 years
in a row.  She sees the third graders.
> Geographic location of your school--Swedesboro, NJ
> Grade levels of school--k-8
> Cost--I don't arrange her visits, so I don't know, but because there's not much 
>travel, she's probably not very expensive.
From Stanhope, NJ:

I can recommend
1. Robert J. Blake of Cailfon, NJ
2. Trinka Hakes Noble of Bernardsville, NJ
    $1400 on Putnam Website but gives a NJ rate
3. Pat Brisson of Phillipsburg
    $800 + mileage
Thanks to Ann, Jennifer, Pamela, Kurt, Myra, Leah,Sherry, Audrey, Mary
Rose, Jody, Cathy, Mary Sue, Sheryl, Kuna, Julia, Karen, Marie, Laura,
Kathy, Susan and Anp127.
Josephine Dervan
Library Media Specialist
Strathmore Elementary School
Aberdeen, New Jersey, USA 07747

Home - rderva@injersey.com
School - jdervan@marsd.k12.nj.us

"Anyone who has a library and a garden wants for nothing"- CICERO

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