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Target: sites to compliment themes from "The Outsiders" 11/26/99 Pat Elliott
Re: Do you have a professional portfolio? 11/26/99 Theresa Intonato
Formatting floppy disks 11/26/99 Madeline L. Buchanan
Re: Need 4th grade fiction on whaling today vs. past 11/26/99 Theresa Intonato
TECH: CrossPad 11/27/99 Joanne Shawhan
Library standards -reply 11/27/99 Doug Johnson
Re: Fictiion Whale hunting opposing views esp fiction on Makah 11/27/99 Theresa Intonato
Harry Potter Clothing? 11/27/99 Shonda Brisco
Frog Sites 11/27/99 Pamela Keefer
Re: Harry Potter Clothing? 11/27/99 Heidi Rawson-Ketchum
TARGET: Christmas/Holiday Websites 11/27/99 Jean B. Bellavance
Re: LM_NET Digest - 20 Nov 1999 to 21 Nov 1999 11/27/99 Jane Abelee
Re: GEN: Survey: Do you have Mandatory Union Membership? 11/27/99 Betty Resch
TARGET: Library/Proficiency tests study 11/27/99 AGerald
Re: GEN: Creating graphs with MS Office 11/27/99 Oliver Ziff
Did you make a terrible mistake by leaving? 11/27/99 Natalie Johnson
TARGET - Improving communication with adolescents 11/27/99 Susan Fonseca
GEN: In School (or in Library) Wedding? 11/27/99 Suzanne Weinheimer
General: Pictures of Bookjackets from Amazon.com 11/28/99 Terry Carey
Re: Harry Potter Clothing? 11/28/99 JRowan
Dialogue->HIV/AIDS, VIH/SIDA; DIÁLOGO->VIH/SID 11/28/99 Voices of Youth, UNICEF
SEC: PSYCHOLOGY BOOKS 11/28/99 sakina hadi
BOOK: Crusader by Bloor 11/28/99 Frederick Muller
Re: General: Pictures of Bookjackets from Amazon.com 11/28/99 Irwin - Maureen S.
GEN: Bess and Internet Filtering Legislation 11/28/99 Ken Murphy
Re: Elem. Comparing children of today to those during decades 11/28/99 Debbie Abilock
GEN: how do you put stacks on a curved wall 11/28/99 d. bice
GEN: Michigan Only 11/28/99 Lynda Gibson
SEC: seeking suggestions for sports encyclopedia 11/28/99 Rena Deutsch
SEC: info on music in ancient cultures 11/28/99 Rena Deutsch
Re: General: Pictures of Bookjackets from Amazon.com 11/28/99 Oliver Ziff
ELEM: TARGET - Book on Building a Bridge 11/29/99 J. Kimball
Target: need copy of New York: A Documentary Film 11/29/99 Hingham - Middle School - Dave - Greenberg
Re: HELP website copyright issue 11/29/99 Cheryl Allison
TECH->Netscape 4.5 mail problem 11/29/99 Adam Janowski
TECH--Windows 95 question 11/29/99 Feld, Trish
GEN: NOVA "Voyage of Doom" 11/29/99 Kendra Patterson
Interesting/Troubling??? 11/29/99 Rubaiyat
HIT online encyclopedias 11/29/99 Kathy Ellison
HIT: Lesson Plans for Tom Sawyer 11/29/99 Deanna Schumm
Grant Opportunity 11/29/99 Vroegindewey
Mid-5th of march 11/29/99 Martha Konczal
SEC: Jane Magazine 11/29/99 Sarah Applegate
TECH: Apple II GS and Y2K 11/29/99 Frederick Muller
Re: TARGET: Christmas/Holiday Websites 11/29/99 GUNDRUM
TECH--Windows 2000 upgrade ? 11/29/99 Feld, Trish
Book Swap 11/29/99 Peg Morton
New York State only 11/29/99 Rose Tobiassen
John Erickson, author of Hank the Cowdog books 11/29/99 Linda Mowery
Target: Millenium activities 11/29/99 Roz Goodman
Re: John Erickson, author of Hank the Cowdog books 11/29/99 Susan Rhoads
Re: TECH--Windows 2000 upgrade ? 11/29/99 Anderson, Julie LHS-STAFF
help with a quote 11/29/99 Ellen Fisher
TARGET: Grip magazine 11/29/99 Garry Jantzen (Marshfield)
Re: Interesting/Troubling??? 11/29/99 Gail Grainger
SEC: Music CDs in the library 11/29/99 Anita Booher
GEN, REF: Video Reviews 11/29/99 Edith Fuller
Thanks for the help! 11/29/99 Lynne Munson
HIT: Choral Readings 11/29/99 Belinda Holbrook
Video: Ocean Girl 11/29/99 Kriste Rees
Re: Help with a quote 11/29/99 Ellen Fisher
GEN: National Geographic Magazine Index, 1989-1998 11/29/99 Jennifer M. Smith
protist websites 11/29/99 Christine Traum
TARGET:MID:Sports biographies 11/29/99 Carolyn Warhol
GEN: Hanukkah 11/29/99 Rayna Patton
Check out policy 11/29/99 Debra Ventling
MID: Tie-In Novel re JFK 11/29/99 Ann Woodrow
BOOK: The Landry News by Clements 11/29/99 Frederick Muller
How to copyright 11/29/99 Kathy Graves
Target: Library Standards 11/29/99 Brenda Toschi
Target: HS Literature 11/29/99 Arthur Peter, Jr.
Gen: District Personnel 11/29/99 Mary Ann Shaffer
Ann Turnbull address 11/29/99 Lisa Handelman
Hit: Reading and math educational software for high school 11/29/99 Sharon Mabe
Cataloging: 655 tag subfields 11/29/99 Donna Steel Cook
GEN: Dallas area: request for Aggie Halftime video coverage 11/29/99 Melissa Davis
Cataloging: What do you do with "funny kid sayings" 11/29/99 Gayle Hodur
Hit-> Library Automation Systems 11/29/99 Turner County
Re: GEN: In School (or in Library) Wedding? 11/29/99 Earl Sande
Introduction from Australia 11/29/99 Catherine Maree Hall
Re: Target: HS Literature 11/29/99 Irwin - Maureen S.
Ref: Who was Robert Williams aka Dare Devil Dick 11/30/99 michele missner
Re: Alachua name 11/30/99 Timothy Matthews
HIT : Measuring Computer Literacy Skills 11/30/99 Sandra Norfolk
Christmas Display Bulletin Board Ideas 11/30/99 Brigid
Tech and Copyright 11/30/99 Grace Oliff
Re: GEN: In School (or in Library) Wedding? 11/30/99 Jo Anne Collins
GEN: Christmas Links Page 11/30/99 Barbara Braxton
TARGET: Judaica cataloging 11/30/99 Barbara Tepper
TARGET: Dewey simplified 11/30/99 Laura Mason
Re: Extending Library OPAC through school network 11/30/99 Randall Dick
Re: TARGET: Dewey simplified 11/30/99 Reed - Ann Cober
Roald Dahl questions 11/30/99 Cheryl Jakobovic, SLMS
inet library 11/30/99 Michelle Cowell
TECH--UMAX scanner and the parallel port 11/30/99 Feld, Trish
social studies 3rd 11/30/99 Kathy Turner
GEN: Book Week in Review 11/30/99 Joni J Rathbun
Target: Charlotte's Web Name 11/30/99 Jane Dougherty

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