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Hello All,

I received many responses to my feeler about online library courses, so
many that the original query must qualify as a "dumb question". Ah, well.
Thanks so much to all of you who replied, and with such grace! (The hits
are edited to ensure privacy.)

Syracuse University offers a course.

University of Illinois at Champaign Urbana and I think that University of
Wisconsin--Milwaukee has some courses.

Emporia State University
Emporia, KS
School of Library and Information Management
contact Dan Roland

The University of North Texas offers online courses. The entire school
library certification program is online, with the masters degree to follow
in short order.

Syracuse University has an internet degree program for the M.L.S.  I
think you are required to spend three weeks on campus.

One of our public llibrary employees is enrolled at one thru' Florida
She just began the courses this fall

The University of Missouri offers some.  I'm taking Web Development over
INternet now.

Took a course from the University of Northern Iowa last summer from 6/14
until 7/23 titled The Elementary Classroom and the Internet which was
excellent.  I learned a lot which some of which I've been able to
implement.  This is the URL for further information.  Realize the courses
listed here have already started for this term, but it will give you an
idea of what is offered and most will, no doubt, be repeated next term.
Good Luck!

Yes, the Univ. of S.C. in Columbia offers some online and distance ed
courses. They are ALA accredited.

I am currently enrolled at the University of Illinois in GSLIS LEEP
There are fifty other distance learners from around the world in my class.
Web site for more information is: http://leep.lis.uiuc.edu.

Southern Connecticut State University

The University of Illinois has a distance learning program.

The University of South Florida offers a number of courses in MLIS online.

the University of
Maine in Augusta offers some. Check out the web site www.uma.maine.edu/

Southern Connecticut State University is now offering
the entire MLS program on-line. The courses offered
vary from semester to semester as they would in the
traditional setting. I am a student in this program
and have not taken any on-line yet but plan to this
coming spring. They have a web site that might provide
more info. If you are calling them the campus is
located in New Haven,

I'm a MLIS student in my first semester at the
University of Southern Mississippi, and USM has just started offering
some of its courses online.

I have a friend that just got information that University of Illinois at
Urbana offers an MLS online.  I think you have to spend a small period of
time on campus towards the end?

I am presently enrolled at Southern Connecticut State University as a
candidate for my MLS degree.  Their entire program is promised to be online
this spring - currently most classes are offered online.  I am taking a
reference class.  Go to www.onlinecsu.ctstateu.edu.

Try Indiana University.

Texas Woman's University in Denton, Texas offers online courses.

Yes, I'm currently taking an online course. It's called Virtual Collection
Development. $285. Univ. of Wisc-Madison.

Many schools offer online courses.  I took courses from University of South
Florida and Florida State University but there are many more.

I am a student taking Univ. of MO classes, some over the Internet.  The
Winter 2000 offerings over the Internet are:
Q315-2 Management of Info Agencies
Q321-1 Library Materials for Children and Youth
Q334-2 Library Info Systems
Q410-11 Seminar:  Bibliographic Instruction
Q410-13 Seminar:  Introductory Seminar
Q410-14     "                  "                 "
Q450-2  Research Methods

All are 3 hours credit except the Intro. Seminars.

I received something over the summer from the University of South Carolina
an online degree.  The telephone number is 803-777-3858.

Please have a look at our website:

I am the Information Manager for the School of Library and Information
Management at Emporia State University in Emporia, KS.  We offer several of
our elective courses on line.  You may check out our school at

In Jan. I graduated from Southern Conn State University and I just heard
that they are now offering their MLS degree on line.

The University of Alberta does, I believe.


Robert Hiebert
Librarian, Golden Secondary School
Fax: 250 344 7116

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