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Last week I posted a question asking for ideas for Children's Week.
Below I have listed the responses I received.

(1)  The theme for the 1999 Children's Book Week is "Plant a
Seed...Read".  A good book for that might be Eric Carle's "The Tiny

(2)  Heather Lamb wrote...Check the website - atozteacherstuff.com.  It
has some great things if you have not already discovered it.

(3)  Jackie Rosenbaum wrote...I have 2 ideas for you.  Have children
come dressed up as a favorite story book character (i.e. Arthur, Winnie
the Pooh, The Cat in the Hat, etc. and you could be "Viola Swamp"!)
And/or you can do a school-wide "book swap".  (That's what we're doing.
I'm setting up a separate box for the teachers to swap as well).  Hope
this helps.

(4)Linda Lucke wrote...We usually do a week long series of activities
around a central theme.  Our theme for this year is Reading is Out of
This World (from Upstart) and we have the library decorated with outer
space things, planets, rocket ships, etc.  We distribute a packet to our
teachers with puzzles, activities, and a bibliography of recommended
fantasy and sci fi books, etc., and a schedule of daily activities,
including Thursdays Turn off the TV and Read night, Wear your reads day,
etc.  We make sure the packet includes activities at all levels, and
select stories for that week's story hours that match the weekly theme.
In short, anything we can do to tie things into the theme, we do for the
week.  Hope this helps.

(5)  Diana Lamey wrote...A co-chair of our book fair, held last week,
sent a flyer home inviting kids to decorate a cereal box (or any
appropriate sized carton) like their favorite book.  Or it could be a
book they would like to write.  One of her children designed a box I
could show all K-4 classes as a model.  Children were very innovative.
I was able to generate many teaching mnoments pointing out how the title
was written on the spine, a call number was included, a summary was
written on the back, and how a clever title might lead to an interesting
story.  We used them to decorate the room for the book fair.  Now I have
them all in the library on a ledge and hanging from light fixtures.
Children love to find their own book.  Think I'll leave them up for the
rest of the year.  It's a project all kids can do.  Some kids obviously
had parent help and some projects obviously were done independently. But
all had charm and character.

Thanks to all who responded.

Dianne Gibbons, Librarian
Pine Tree Primary
Longview, Tx.

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