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> What in the world does this really mean anymore?  The term "right-wing" =
> has
> been thrown around so much that in my thinking, it means nothing

Here's some information about the Washington Times, Rev. Moon, and "the
right wing". Decide for yourself if the phrase is suitably applied.

From : http://www.aclu-wa.org/pubs/religiousright/3.html#3.4

>Although usually regarded as a fringe religious cult, the Rev. Sun Myung
Moon's Unification Church, or Moon Organization, played an important
behind-the-scenes role in spurring the development of the New Right and
religious right. Direct mail guru Richard Viguerie has raised money for
various Moon Organization groups since 1965. The principle source of Moon's
funding, however, is in Japan, where Moon has had close connections with the
Japanese right wing and prominent members of the Liberal Democratic Party.
Beginning in 1975, a conservatively estimated $80 million a year began
flowing from the Japanese branch of the Unification Church to the United
States. Much of this money went to various New Right organizations and to
Moon's Washington Times, a daily newspaper that since 1982 has served as a
sounding board for the New Right.

Activists for the Moon Organization usually work with others on the right
through an array of groups with patriotic-sounding names, such as the
American Freedom Coalition and the anti-Communist CAUSA. Founded in 1987,
the American Freedom Coalition brought together various elements of the
right, including anti-Communist, anti-abortion, and "pro-family" groups. Its
National Education Task Force, directed in the late 1980s by Evergreen
School Board (in Vancouver) member Wendy Flint, worked against AIDS
awareness curricula and for private school vouchers.

The Moon Organization has also worked very closely with a major religious
right organization, Christian Voice. Beginning with the 1980 election,
Christian Voice developed a tactic that has become widespread in the
religious right -- publishing "moral report cards" which rated Congressional
and Presidential candidates on the issues and which were distributed by the
tens of thousands in church lobbies and parking lots.>

Meg Schimmels, LMS
Funston Elementary
Wichita (KS) Public Schools

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