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Victoria Rubottom Wrote :
    I empathize .  The problem, in my eyes, is a lot (not all) elementary
teachers are not interested in books, literature or the development of a personal
love of reading.  Their mission is to teach the measurable skills of the act of
reading.  And God  help anything that disrupts the students'  single minded
pursuit of  their teacher's goals.  Frivolous ,childish  enjoyment of getting a
book that does not further this end must be stamped out at all costs.

    OK ,venting finished.  Elementary teachers have a overwhelming task and too
many backrest drivers telling them how to do it.  I guess a little myopicophy is
to be expected.   I try to accommodate them , but I still slip the kids the books
they want .  I just wish the teachers would realize that too much restriction
might mean once the students  learn read they might not want to.

    What do you feel your library's mission is?  I support our  curriculum , but
the bottom line is that our center is for the kids and their wants and needs are
priority 1.

Victoria L. Rubottom
School Media Specialist
East Elementary
Waynesville , Mo


Emily Smith wrote:

>     As both an educator AND a librarian, I have a difficult time when
> teachers either tell me or tell their students what they can/cannot read.
> I've had a few teachers tell me to be more restrictive in what they take out
> (they have to be able to read it all on their own), certain series' are "too
> hard" (second graders aren't allowed to take out Goosebumps as per their
> teacher- "too hard").
>     I remember as a child being restricted by a librarian in our public
> library-- and when I told my mom, she marched over and told the librarian
> that she was not to limit my reading.  I remember how that felt, being told I
> couldn't have something that I was interested in.  Now as an adult, how can I
> do that to my students?
>     Have any of you encountered this, and what have you said/done?  I'm on
> the agenda for our faculty meeting this Friday to talk about other things,
> and am considering making mention of my feelings on this issue then as well.
> TIA,
> Emily Smith, librarian
> St. Anne's School, New York
> ESmithLMS@aol.com
> =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=

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