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Here's my hit of adult favorites for my Christmas wish list to give my
husband:  The Poisonwood Bible by Barbara Kingsolver and Tuesdays with Morrie
by Albom(??) were favorites of many of us.  I added Sweet Potato Queen's Book
of Love and Tuesdays with Morrie to my Christmas list.
Thanks to everyone for the great ideas!  I have read many of the books listed
and enjoyed them!  Hopefully you'll get to enjoy them too!  Other favorites
of mine (that are currently on my shelves at home and not lent out) include:
Church of the Dead Girls by Dobyns, Beach Music by Conroy, Slow Dancing on
Dinosaur Bones by Witt, and A Place to Call Home by Smith. Here's everybody's
One of the best books I've read so far I read last year:  The Poisonwood
Bible by Barbara Kingsolver.  I also enjoyed last year A Prayer for Owen
Meany by John Irving and I Know this Much is True by Wally Lamb.
I just finished Darwin's Radio by Greg Bear. Fantastic book - especially if
you like Robin Cook and/or science fiction and/or biology.
One I recommend highly is Charles Frazier's "Cold Mountain."
Tara Road by Mave Binchey, all the Harry Potter books,  Memoirs of a Geisha.
Recent reads that I've really enjoyed, or am enjoying are Tuesdays with
Morrie, The Pilot's Wife, and Snow Falling on Cedars.
A book I just read and found to be a total scream and very adult is The Sweet
Potato Queen's Book of Love.  I read parts of it out loud to my husband and
we both laughed so hard we had tears in our eyes.
The Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood -- Wells, Rebecca
I am a voracious reader both for pleasure and for my profession. I'm the
editor of a book review journal. My favorite books this year were Close
Range: Wyoming Stories by E. Anne Proulx and Lamb in Love by Carrie Lamb.
They were both so good I almost wish I hadn't read them yet so that the
experience was still waiting for me!
I read _The Midwives_ (male author, can't remember name) and it was fabulous.
It was very compelling reading about a lay midwife in Vermont who delivered a
child from a mother who died in childbirth and then was charged with
manslaughter for the mother's death. It is told in the voice of her daughter
who has now grown up and become an OB/GYN. The book was on Oprah's list and
it was lent to me by a good friend--highly recommended!
My personal favorites this year: Memoirs of a Geisha, The Pilot's Wife, The
Poisonwood Bible.
Up Island by Anne Rivers Siddons!!!
Probably the best book I've read in recent years has been Ian Pears "An
Instance of the Fingerpost" a murder mystery (and a whole lot more) set in
the 17th century, comprising four different accounts of the same events. If
you like science fiction I can also recomend Peter Hamilton's trilogy
comprising "The Reality Dysfunction", "The neutronium Alchemist" and
"The Naked God" - very original. If you get lots of suggestions post a hit -
its always interesting to see what others recomend.
My favorite book this past year (and all my friends and friends of freinds
loved it) was -These Is My Words-. I should know the author! It's a novel
based on the author's ancestors in the Arizona Territory. Wonderful! and
yes-that is the correct title.
This is a recent book read by me.  I cannot remember so enjoying a book in
many years --
MIDWIVES, by Chris Bohjalian
All of the Karon books about Mitford... Beginning with "At Home in Mitford."
Story of a minister, very gentle and peaceful, he adopts a child, falls in
love, very old-fashioned book.  Has four sequels... I loved them all.
I'm really enjoying Barbara Erskine's new book On the Edge of Darkness
I like romance, suspense, but nothing frightening. I've enjoyed _River
Rising_ by Merline
Lovelace, anything by Nora Roberts, _Airframe_ by Michael Crighton, _The
Singing_by Lisa Carey, _I Know This Much is True_ by Wally Lamb, _Memoirs of
a Geisha_ by Arthur Golden, anything by Danielle Steel although not too
thrilled with _The Klone and I.   I've got others I haven't gotten around to
reading that look good, like _The Loop_ by Nicholas Evans.
As a South African I am always loathe to read South African novels, however,
I can't rave enough about "Disgrace" by J.M. Coetzee (winner of the Booker
Prize)  if you want to get inside any white South Africans head - read it,
but if not, it's still an excellent read.

I also cried and laughed at "Angela's Ashes", Frank McCourt.  I loved "Out of
the Dust" by Karen Hesse (although this is apparently rated as young adult
literature)  An excellent autobiography of a persons will to survive and
strength of character is the book "I have life" written by Marianne Thamm. It
is the story of a woman's survival from a horrific attack in South
I've read many novels this year, some of the latest and best listed, but
often these have somewhat disappointed me ... e.g. "The Pilot's wife" by
Anita Shreve and "The Drowning People" (author eludes me right now)
Hope it isn't too late to get my vote in.  I don't get to read too many
"adult" novels -- but I really enjoyed Hannibal, by Thomas Harris.
Memoirs of a Geisha
Stegner's _Crossing to Safety_ - an oldie but a goodie
Tuesdays with Morrie
Tuesdays with Morris is wonderful!
For a relaxing good laugh, try Barbara Park's Junie B. Jones series.  They
are a riot & a great way to wind down...I praise all teachers of kindergarten
since finding this set of books!!  IN the same vein, you might enjoy the
Amber Brown series by Paula Danziger. Moving up the food chain, have you read
The Watsons Go to Birmingham by Richard Paul Curtis?  A great book for
And then there's the books for our age group.  I am a big fan of Patricia
Cornwell's series of books with medical examiner Kay Scarpetta as the main
character.  Amazon has them dirt cheap.
I am finishing *The Addictive Organization*, by Anne Wilson Schaef & Diane
Fassel, and I am simply in thrall with it (as I keep telling folks!).  It
points out very handily the ways many organizations tend to systemically
sustain their own dysfunctionality, at the level of
addictiveness--complete with co-dependency throughout.  VERY telling--with
the potential to open eyes to all sorts of mindless, routine dysfunctionality
Have you seen/heard about the "Left Behind" series by Christian writers Tim
LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins?  It is about the end times of the world when
millions of people are raptured and those left behind have to cope.
Currently 6 of the intended 12 are in print.
THE CENTURY by Peter Jennings and Todd Brewster - couldn't wait to sit down
at night and indulge in this fabulous book!
Both thrillers by new author Michael Cordy!  Wow!
Both thrillers by author Jahn Case! Again, Wow!
Can you tell I like thrillers - but not gore.
Loved Harris and Me by Paulsen.  Will always be my favorite.
Snow Falling on Cedars by Guterson
Tuesdays with Morrie by Albom (sp?)
Poisonwood Bible by Kingsolver
All over but the Shoutin' by Bragg
Cold Mountain by Frasier
Shipping News by Proulx
Honk & Holler Opening Soon by Letts

Terri Lent, Librarian
Manassas Park HS
Manassas Park, Va.

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