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--from the hit:
"How many may I  check out?" My reply is,"How many can you be
responsible for?"
Good answer -- do we want boys and girls to be readers or not?
How can those schools whose students only visit the library once a week
survive on one book a week?  Or even 2?  Imagine being a parent and reading
the same bedtime story for 7 days.  I know students can go to the public
library and there are home libraries and so forth.

That indeed is a definite possibility -- but why then would we think we
(read that school libraries) feel that our facility is so valuable that
parents are going to vote for bond issues, increased taxes ... to fund our
book budget.  I guess it would seem reasonable to expect them to fund those
facilities where they must go to help their students be readers.

If the reasoning is that you don't have enough books to go around what
better statement to show that than empty shelves with every child getting
books until their heart (and minds) are content.  I would think it would be
much easier to lobby for more money for books if the shelves were bare and
happy smiling children were reading and carrying books home.

Or am I missing something here?

Just being the devil's advocate.  :>)

Sharron L. McElmeel <mcelmeel@mcelmeel.com>
3000 N. Center Point Rd.
Cedar Rapids, IA 52411-9548

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