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TECH:Driver Ed Listserv? 09/07/97 Mary and Seth Putnam
MIDDLE: Reading incentive activity for Y2K 01/04/98 c.w.benson
Automated Circulation 08/09/99 Josephine Dervan
HIT:ELEM Recent Good Books 08/09/99 Josephine Dervan
GEN: Mysteries gr. 3-4 08/27/99 christine weichart
TARGET: Software for Literacy 08/30/99 Alan L Brown
GREET: Needed 08/31/99 youngs
Re: Need titles for puberty books 08/31/99 brannon
Georgia only telecast onPeachstar 08/31/99 Sonya Boyd
HIT: Behavior Lesson Plans (Ideas?) 08/31/99 Wendy Morris
Publishing a Student Newspaper 08/31/99 Judy Prevedel
Target: LibraryWorks 3.5 08/31/99 Caroline Petersen
YA books 09/01/99 C Hudak
No Subject 09/01/99 Harriet Rothstein
Character Counts 09/01/99 Karen Trukovich
Sec: Hotdog films/videos 09/01/99 btown
Spanish/English translation software 09/01/99 Pam Dille
USA network / Cable in the Classroom 09/01/99 Suzanne Franklin
TARGET: Science Search Engines 09/01/99 Cathy Belben (HS)
Periodical Selections 09/01/99 lori joffe
Target:Digital Video 09/01/99 Taylor, Roseanne
Technology Plans 09/01/99 Tom Zarrilli
ELEM: Info on Barbara Bottner, FL author 09/01/99 Suzanne Weinheimer
Debate Resources 09/01/99 uthoff
8th gr. reading list 09/01/99 Sakina Hadi
Elem: Be a Book Buddy 09/01/99 Kathy Geronzin
Elem: Reading Harry Potter ia status symbol 09/01/99 Nancy Lieber
HIT:Foreign Language Magazines 09/01/99 Reid, Carolyn
HIT: time travel 09/01/99 Peg Klinkhammer
TARGET: Book care stickers? 09/01/99 Andrea Hynes
TARGET,ELEM: Fingerplays, songs, poems, etc. 09/01/99 Janet M. Rowland
HS opening in Lexington, Massachusetts 09/01/99 Shelley Glantz
SEC: Challenged Videos 09/01/99 Mary Ann Lacey
GENERAL: Health Insurance Provider? 09/01/99 Frances D. Aley
EQUIP 09/01/99 Diane VanGorden
REF: Slave statistics before 1790 09/01/99 Frederick Muller
Greetings from North Central & Western states 09/01/99 Kathy Lauzon
Using AOL at school 09/01/99 Kate Brown
Target 09/01/99 Katherine J. McCarthy
ELEM: Bluebonnet Reading Awards 09/01/99 Laurie Thelen
Elem: Favorite Web Sites 09/01/99 Wanda Nall
Where to Purchase 09/01/99 uthoff
MIDDLE: Alternative to Shabanu 09/01/99 Linda Schloegel
SEC: Need ESL Materials Fast! 09/01/99 Joan Temple
Need ideas 09/01/99 Martha Gomez
GEN: Cataloging folk tales 09/01/99 Brunell
HIT: Overdue Charges at MS 09/01/99 Karen
Target: cable TV services to schools 09/01/99 Sally Mitchell
HIT: Reluctant Readers (Young Adult Boys) 09/01/99 Mark & Judy Meadows
Target: Early Chapter Bookspsychology lesson plans 09/02/99 janet wells Wayne and Harrow Strickland <w-hstrickland@MINDSPRING.COM>
GEN: Help for a new teacher-7th grade, Hispanic self-contained 09/02/99 Vicki Sherouse
The Giver - the ending 09/02/99 Glenda Scott
Target:Automation and magazine checkin 09/02/99 Debbie Stafford
GEN: Trouble w/Scholastic Reading Counts 09/02/99 Robie Martin
HIT: Internet filters 09/02/99 Mark Frank
GEN, REF:Picture books for high school students 09/02/99 mary lockhart
ELEM: need good classic poetry anthol 09/02/99 Johanna Halbeisen
HIT: addendum to filters 09/02/99 Mark Frank
GEN: September is.... 09/02/99 Jody Gerlock
TARGET: Hispanic Heritage Month (9/15-10/15) 09/02/99 susan polos
Book Challenge 09/02/99 Pam Thomeczek
GEN: video MARC records online? 09/02/99 Jane T. Hohn
HIT: sec web design resources 09/02/99 Michelle Cowell
Advocacy message from Sandy Schuckett 09/02/99 Peter Milbury
HIT: Important School Year Dates 09/02/99 Beverly Nelson
Living/Nonliving & Plant/Animal Classification? 09/02/99 Tony L. Pope
30th Birthday of the Internet 09/02/99 Brig C. McCoy
Tony Pope Only 09/02/99 Carol Simpson
Senior High School Catalog 09/02/99 Cardinal Spellman High School
Target: Time Machine 09/02/99 Dawn Sardes
African Queen 09/02/99 Frederick Muller
Re: CD program 09/02/99 Steven Wohl
NY : Title IV $ N 09/02/99 Nancy Thackaberry
HIT: Slave Statistics 09/02/99 Frederick Muller
cataloging videos 09/02/99 Marie Howell
Re: Elem: Reading Harry Potter ia status symbol 09/02/99 Grigsby, Susan
Storing Books 09/02/99 Angus Saunders
GEN: Supreme Court Books 09/02/99 Connie Robinson
GEN: Harry Potter 09/02/99 Mary Ellen Hamalainen
Encyclopedia of Science 09/02/99 Rosalyn R. Friedman
Job opening in Lexington Massachusetts 09/02/99 Shelley Glantz
Re: African Queen - OOPs 09/02/99 Frederick Muller
Re: GEN, REF:Picture books for high school students 09/02/99 Edith Fuller
Target: Obscure Tale/Story 09/02/99 Ludwick Mary
Help convincing administration of need for full-time clerk 09/02/99 Patricia Meehan
Re: Library Media Center Policy Handbook 09/02/99 maureen aube
Apollo Overhead Projectors 09/02/99 Cindy Dobrez
TECH: projection device 09/02/99 Patricia Lee Wassink
WORTH PONDERING:. Instructions for life 09/02/99 Alice Yucht
Midwest Authors 09/02/99 Barb Ehlers
SASI XP 09/02/99 LaVerne Petersen Ireland
elem. 09/02/99 <Keyser>" <bkey@nni.com>
Library Lessons for Automated Systems 09/02/99 Debra Bashaw
target: research on video usage 09/02/99 J Fitzsimmons
Re: African Queen - OOPs 09/02/99 Dan Robinson
GEN: Your suggestions needed 09/02/99 Lynn Ward
ELEM: quick and easy checkout procedures for K-1 09/02/99 Ed and Jan Kendrick
TECH: Library World by CASPR 09/02/99 Susan Key

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