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Persephone 11/30/00 Sara Mockett
Re: GEN: SEC: WWII Naval battle 12/01/00 Diane H
GEN: Teaching history 12/01/00 Barbara Braxton
GEN: Are you a fellow "Mobile Librarian?" 12/01/00 Gayle Hodur
REPOST: Are you a fellow "Mobile Librarian" 12/01/00 Gayle Hodur
Target-Tech- Digital camera to take abroad 12/01/00 Kathy Lauzon
Job: high school math teacher opening 12/01/00 Susan Myers
GEN: What does .net stand for? 12/01/00 Kalliopi Mantalias
ELEM: Three Billy Goats Gruff 12/01/00 Randee Lee
Scholastic Book Fairs 12/01/00 Sarah Hutchens
Hit: Skateboarding alternative 12/01/00 Claudia Mahlman
French Book Catalog(s) 12/01/00 Paula Shipley du Feu
Re: Scholastic Book Fairs 12/01/00 Jackie Church
target: LMS evaluation form 12/01/00 Diana Caswell
TARGET->Regulations for art materials 12/01/00 Miles_Lana
SHARE:SEC: Amer.History/Amer.Literature Joint Projects 12/01/00 Gayle Lawrence
TECH: PAL video 12/01/00 Karen Weaver
GEN: Story behind "The Wave" (book/video) 12/01/00 Rena Deutsch
TARGET: plagiarized? 12/01/00 Jane Bailey
Polar Express Props 12/01/00 Denise Mattson
NY only: Teacher Evalution Forms (Need fast answer) 12/01/00 Kathryn Frech
HIT-- incentives for faculty grant writing 12/01/00 John Eye
HIT->SEC/TECH->DIGITAL CAMERAS IN THE CLASSROOM Part 1 of 2 (Long) 12/01/00 Adam Janowski
HIT->SEC/TECH-Digital Cameras in the Classroom Part 2 of 2 (Long) 12/01/00 Adam Janowski
Hit-ebooks 12/01/00 Sharon Paintner
Plagiarism resource 12/01/00 Joyce Valenza
FNO: Pacing Change 12/01/00 Jamie McKenzie
masterplot publisher 12/01/00 Michelle Cowell
HIT: Country culture 12/01/00 Garry Jantzen (Marshfield)
Target: Harry Potter Challenges, interview candidates 12/01/00 Carolyn Gierke
Gen. famous persons 12/01/00 Judy P Bright
hit: masterplots publisher 12/01/00 Michelle Cowell
GEN->definition needed of "second degree harassment" please 12/01/00 Melinda Miller-Widrick
TECH:Microsoft Word to Appleworks? 12/01/00 Florence Manier
Gen: Magazine "check out" 12/01/00 Margarette Lippert
Citations 12/01/00 Laura Pearle
HIT: Holiday Websites:Part II 12/01/00 Charlotte Poole
TECH: PAL video 12/01/00 Karen Weaver
HIT: GEN: SEC: WWII Naval battle 12/01/00 Lynette Mitchell
GEN: Grants to support music programs 12/01/00 Chris Vollmer
HIT: Reading level web sites 12/01/00 Roe,Kevin
Found IT : Trying to Find History Web Site 12/01/00 Rubaiyat
HIT: Poster printer--#1 12/01/00 Pat Wassink
Target : Book Challenge Resolution 12/01/00 Charlie Roberts
HIT2: Poster printer 12/01/00 Pat Wassink
TARGET: Fun Websites 12/01/00 Stephanie Fiedler
GEN: BOOK ?: Golden Compass 12/01/00 Cynthia Cassidy
Re: Map Sites 12/01/00 Denise Rhoads
NPR segment 12/01/00 Monica Williams Mitchell
Target: 5th Grade Fiction w/ Science Tie-ins 12/01/00 M. Filipiak
Re: GEN: New Job Offer: Should I Take it? 12/01/00 Monica McQueen
target Christmas story 12/01/00 Jean Maier
Ann Cameron's Guatemalan Library 12/01/00 Barbara O'Connor
Re: Scholastic Book Fairs 12/01/00 Connell, Melissa
A Novice's questions 12/01/00 D Novak
GEN: News About EL-Announce Member 12/01/00 Peter Milbury
MID: Book Discussion Book Ideas 12/01/00 Joan Marstiller
TARGET: Short Story Video (O'Henry) 12/01/00 Laura Strickland
Re: NPR segment 12/01/00 gprice
TARGET: Book suggestions 12/01/00 Betty Klein
Re: possible plagiarism 12/01/00 Aleene B. Nielson
Boston, Mass area only - Personal 12/01/00 Nichols
Target: Resources in Foster Care 12/01/00 JaKay Greer
HIT: Poster printer#3 12/01/00 Pat Wassink
SEC: Info Needed ASAP 12/01/00 Claudio Laferla
Target:ideas for cd-rom read write drive 12/02/00 Deborah Stafford
BOOK: Ragweed by Avi 12/02/00 Frederick Muller
VIRUS ALERT - W32/ProLin@MM (fwd) 12/02/00 Mary Ziller
Target: Dictionaries 12/02/00 Dan & Jennifer Bozone
GEN:SHARE:Spys of the American Revolution 12/02/00 Dawn Sardes
GEN: SHARE: Copyright public performance rights 12/02/00 Carol Simpson
SHARE: A Principal's Guide 12/02/00 Marilyn Harfst
HIT:History books for children (Long) 12/02/00 pettersen
GEN: Oxford, NC responders to earlier question 12/02/00 Lynette Mitchell
Christmas Stories 12/02/00 Winklebleck Family
thanks for help with title 12/02/00 B Young
REF: SEC: Scribner's British Authors 12/02/00 Vicki Sherouse
Fwd: After Hours Library Services 12/02/00 Ish. Joshi
PERSONAL: looking for Patty Sonnet 12/02/00 Pat Wassink
Mother Daughter Book Discussion 12/02/00 {USER_FIRSTNAME} {USER_LASTNAME}
SEC: Title needed for character/moral education 12/02/00 Laura LaBelle
Re: LM_NET Digest - 1 Dec 2000 - Special issue (#2000-1371) 12/02/00 Phyllis Novetsky
Scholastic 12/02/00 Val Hamilton
HIT: ELEM: ideas for sequencing lessons 12/02/00 Martha E. Taylor
SHARE:Holiday pet e-greetings 12/03/00 Julia Steger
Technical help - WIndows 12/03/00 Ginny Kuklewski
Thank You 12/03/00 Christine Hatalski
Target: Ellis Island 12/03/00 Christine Hatalski
Target: Environmental Issues 12/03/00 Sharron L. McElmeel
aides going to conferences? 12/03/00 Donna Steel Cook
JOBS:NJ -- Elementary 12/03/00 Luis Rodriguez
HIT: Elem: Cyberspace hunt for December holidays 12/03/00 David Bilmes
GEN : After Hours live chat with librarians 8-midnight 12/03/00 Joshi Family
REF, ELEM : Book title needed 12/03/00 Susan Fahey
Preface and Introductory Text 12/03/00 Jaci Schoen
TARGET: Public Library/School Library Relationships 12/03/00 Sharon Freeman
GEN:Encyclopedias for K-5 12/03/00 Melissa Ambery
Re: Scholastic Book Fairs 12/03/00 Madeline Buchanan
GEN: (looking for) survey, forms, questionairres re: compu 12/03/00 Rena Deutsch
Re: HIT: Elem: Sequencing lessons 12/03/00 Martha E. Taylor

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