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SC: School library certification requirements 02/23/00 Kimberly A. Ault
TARGET: online magazine jobbers, possible email for DMS 02/23/00 Steve Crandell
HIT: Current Science Fiction 02/23/00 Frederick Muller
Accelerated Reader 02/23/00 Karen Trukovich
HIT:magazines for guys 02/23/00 Helene Pohl
Target - intellectual freedom 02/23/00 Keith Caterino
WA K-20 PNW videoconference partner wanted 02/23/00 Tracey Rice
Gen: Administrators and "If you give a mouse a cookie" 02/23/00 Randi Hermans
Gen: Book types 02/23/00 Sherry Noble
Target: good computer magazine 02/23/00 Pati Daisy
Hit: Spectrum Upgrade 02/23/00 Linda Lucke
HIT: Children's Books in HS Library Part I (Long) 02/23/00 Keith Johnson
HIT: Children's Books in HS Media Center? Part 2 of 2 (Long) 02/23/00 Keith Johnson
Target:elem:Technology:books 02/23/00 solheim4
Final Call for Applications for American Memory Fellows Program 02/23/00 Danna Bell-Russel
Philly area job openings?? 02/23/00 Kristen Senker
TARGET: CDs for a Tower 02/23/00 GenAnn Keller
TARGET: NAT'L. TCHR. CERTIFICATION 02/23/00 Whitney Sharron
REF: Great Web Site for Educators 02/23/00 Bryan Wofford
SEC: Crichton - The 13th Warrior/Eaters of the dead 02/23/00 Carolyn Gierke
TARGET: MS/HS library merger advice 02/23/00 Sue Johnson
GEN: two book suggestions 02/23/00 Ken Umbach
TARGET: Recommendations for videos re: 02/23/00 Kathy Graves
HIT: Tar: HS: Books on tape 02/23/00 Lynn. Mitchell
REF: Requesting article from New Scientist 02/23/00 Deanna Kennedy
Re: AUP for Faculty 02/23/00 Earl Sande
TECH: Epson 500 won't print 02/23/00 Garry Jantzen (Marshfield)
Request-Dub NASA Space Station Teleconference 02/23/00 Stewart, Patricia M
suggestions please 02/23/00 Jean Hatfield
LM_NET FAQ Pt 1 02/23/00 Diane Chen
Re: Need Key Word - 02/23/00 Leslie Lomers
BBoard and Contest Idea 02/23/00 Picone
TECH:FREE INTERNET VIDEO 02/23/00 Josephine Dervan
GEN: Job satisfaction survey 02/23/00 Carin Barwick
Target: Istanbul earthquake 02/23/00 Deb L.
Re: LM_NET Digest - 23 Feb 2000 - Special issue (#2000-267) 02/23/00 Pat Bartoshesky
Elementary Poem/Picture Book Question 02/23/00 Janice Levetan
TARGET: CAFETERIA SURVEY 02/23/00 Sarah Sanford
The Brady Bunch?????? 02/23/00 Lisa Jessup
GEN:State of the States 02/23/00 Marilyn Beaird
Tech: Virus 02/23/00 Wanda Nall
TECH: VIRUS 02/23/00 Wanda Nall
GEN: Library month celebration help needed 02/23/00 Pat Dalpiaz
TECH: Virus 02/23/00 Wanda Nall
Gen: Pornographic emails 02/23/00 Nita Garcia
Target: PR pieces? 02/23/00 Richard Moore
HIT: CD ROM Organization 02/23/00 Hilda Mah
Spanish-language books & media production center 02/23/00 wsimpson
Oklahoma LMS Position Opening 02/23/00 Shonda Brisco
Tech query: Computer furniture or cord management system 02/23/00 Paula Neale
GEN: Porn replies 02/23/00 K&L DeFrank
HIT- AR shelving (Part 1) 02/23/00 Lauren Denny
Re: Gen: Pornographic emails 02/23/00 Giulia Greenberg
Re: Accessibility of Blind to Media via Libraries 02/23/00 Shonda Brisco
Re: Porno E-Mail 02/23/00 maureen aube
HIT: Historical fiction for Second graders 02/23/00 Esther Schnaidman
E-mail exchange Australia 02/23/00 Dianne & Ken
Gen: Need words for word bank 02/23/00 John and Cathy Conway
ClarisWorks for Kids 02/24/00 Barbara
Author: Pamela Munoz-Ryan 02/24/00 Barbara
Re: GEN: Porn replies 02/24/00 Peter Milbury
Re: problem-solving models 02/24/00 Alice Yucht
HIT:DIGITAL DIVIDE 02/24/00 Josephine Dervan
REF: Locating Poem 02/24/00 Ruta, Charlotte (Astronaut)
TARGET:Reading wells/pits (library design) 02/24/00 spay/neuter
GEN: GAMBIA problems 02/24/00 Richard R. Shook
Target: Need advice about visiting NYC 02/24/00 Scott & Jacque Childress
HIT: Accelerated Reader - Part 2 02/24/00 Karen Trukovich
HIT: Accelerated Reader Part 3 02/24/00 Karen Trukovich
HIT: Accelerated Reader Part 4 02/24/00 Karen Trukovich
HIT: Accelerated Reader Part 5 02/24/00 Karen Trukovich
HIT: RE: Eaters of the Dead 02/24/00 Carolyn Gierke
Target:SLMC evaluation instruments 02/24/00 Gerry Solomon
Where did it come from? 02/24/00 Joanne Taylor
ISTE "Processing Fee" 02/24/00 Gail Grainger
TECH: MIME? 02/24/00 David Lininger
Re: Where did it come from? (Possible virus) 02/24/00 Peter Milbury
GEN: Porn replies 02/24/00 Cheri Anderson
Re: Porn spams not virus 02/24/00 Gordon Riley
Announcement of Addition of Leonard Bernstein Papers to American 02/24/00 Danna Bell-Russel
Elementar 02/24/00 Mary Buitendorp
HIT: SEC: Health and Medical titles 02/24/00 Kathryn Frech
Columbia/Caspr Library Program 02/24/00 Janet Miller
TARGET: PC computer magazine 02/24/00 Frederick Muller
REF: Musical "Working" 02/24/00 Frederick Muller
GEN: Vendor 02/24/00 David Lininger
Re: Where did it come from? 02/24/00 Kriste Rees
Target: AR and Flex Schedule 02/24/00 Lizz Timmons
Internet explorer 3.0 and below 02/24/00 Carl Dellutri
Target: View From the Cherry Tree 02/24/00 Pamela Jacobs
TARGET: Funding formulas for middle school libraries 02/24/00 Zoe Magnus
Flaubert quote--meaning? 02/24/00 Johnson, Barbara
HIT: Nat'l. Tchr. Certifiication 02/24/00 Whitney Sharron
JOB: teaching assistantship 02/24/00 Carol Simpson
Western Reading Services 02/24/00 Diana Dickerson
Target: Discovery Channel catalog of videos 02/24/00 Deborah Stafford
HUMOR: Math then and now 02/24/00 Harry Willems
PS-12 library? 02/24/00 Jill Brown
UGRR Success! 02/24/00 C Hudak
Humor: Math corrections 02/24/00 Harry Willems

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