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No Subject 02/09/00 Tracy Ansley
Public Libraries 02/09/00 Lynn Foltz
TAR: SEC: Sites on food additives 02/09/00 April Johns
Re: TARGET: Easy reading/Children's books in HS Library? 02/09/00 Joni J Rathbun
HIT: emachines 02/09/00 fran fransen
TECH: copying from paint to word 02/09/00 janet perry
ELEM: purchasing filmstrips 02/09/00 RAnderson
GEN: School Library web page design 02/09/00 Valerie Fenton
Re: Library Web Pages 02/09/00 Marsha Sallee
TARGET: Cat in the Hat boy's name 02/09/00 Michael Mcconnell
Target: Budget time..suggestions for wish list 02/09/00 E Wake
Target: Composing Music on Computers 02/09/00 Rewey, Brianna
Redwall Books--order? 02/10/00 Cindi Bryant
Redwall books--got it! 02/10/00 Cindi Bryant
Redwall books--order 02/10/00 Cindi Bryant
GEN: Binding quality, or "To buy or not to buy?" 02/10/00 Joanne E. Ladewig
You have been added to the LM_NET list 02/10/00 L-Soft list server at Syracuse University (1.8d)
Re: Offensive word 02/10/00 Kevin T. Clement
Sakina Hadi: RE swimming video 02/10/00 Lynn. Mitchell
Volunteer Reviewers Needed for Pathways essay 02/10/00 Jan Bakker
TARGET: Question on Alexandria for Web, Mac-based 02/10/00 Keith Johnson
death of a child 02/10/00 Peg Morton
Target: Sec. Research topics 02/10/00 Mary Anne Thanos
TECH: Alexandria 5/Mac version 02/10/00 Joanne E. Ladewig
Re: Offensive word 02/10/00 Judith Marlin
Offensive word - PLEASE 02/10/00 Jim Neal
conferences 02/10/00 Degener, Lois
TARGET, ELE: Dr. Seuss Play 02/10/00 Yapha Mason
TARGET: fictionalized autobiography 02/10/00 Becky Mosbacher
Public Libraries/School Libraries Cooperation 02/10/00 Rose Tobiassen
Elem:JKRowling's address 02/10/00 Nancy Kramer
HIT: SEC: 20th Century Novel (long) 02/10/00 J'aime Foust
Network Starvation - FNO, Feb 2000 02/10/00 Jamie McKenzie
Identifying an Author 02/10/00 Virginia Dowd
Dr. Seuss Balloons? 02/10/00 Virjean Griensewic
Re: Redwall books--order 02/10/00 Kathy Clark
TARGET: Library security systems 02/10/00 Jennifer Tinline
redwall list 02/10/00 Carolyn Roys
REF:Poem "Factory Jungle"? 02/10/00 Bonnie Fulmer
shelf list card program 02/10/00 Carolyn Roys
REF:Sister Carrie, Bantam 1992 ed. 02/10/00 Bonnie Fulmer
HIT: SEC: 20th Century Novel(2 more) 02/10/00 J'aime Foust
TECH: AR compatitibility problems (2) 02/10/00 Chuck Finnigan
GEN: Summer Reading Program? 02/10/00 Barbara Braxton
SEC: Substitution for To Kill a Mockingbird needed 02/10/00 Ruth Ann Williams
book needed 02/10/00 Helen Dittmer
Re: Offensive word - PLEASE 02/10/00 Gabe Gancarz
Summer Reading Ideas??? 02/10/00 Emily Smith
HIT: Dr. Seuss for Middle School 02/10/00 Joan Marstiller
BOOK: Frightful's mountain by George 02/10/00 Frederick Muller
HIT: "True" ghost stories and Witch sites 02/10/00 SCHEU, SUSAN
Science Current Events 02/10/00 SCHEU, SUSAN
REF:how to price used books? 02/10/00 spay/neuter
GEN: info about "transition" classes? 02/10/00 Jean Tennant
GEN: Grammar 02/10/00 Kim Christiansen
Hit: Library Month Projects 02/10/00 Michele Knowles
Hit Library Month Contest 02/10/00 Michele Knowles
HIT: Tech-printing from computer 02/10/00 Beth Pounds
HIT Lesson Plan Websites 02/10/00 Jan Riley
TARGET: Help! Designing a new LMC 02/10/00 Debbie Salewski Kris Vestad <kvestad@WOLFENET.COM>
TARGET: Church library copyrights 02/10/00 Kris Vestad
Tech: iMac Problem 02/10/00 Kathy Tobin
HIT: J.K. Rowling's address 02/10/00 Carolyn I. Gundrum
Target -- USMARC Organization Code 02/10/00 LaVerne Petersen Ireland
Hit: Fiction/Biography 02/10/00 Carolyn I. Gundrum
REF: who "discovered" distance from earth to sun? 02/10/00 Rena Deutsch
TARGET: 7/8 grade readaloud for Read Across Am Day 02/10/00 Margaret Morton
Re: ELEM:Celebrating Black History Month:Success Story 02/10/00 Sheryl Kaplan
Stumper 02/10/00 Jamie Boston
IT questions 02/11/00 Margaret Cunnama
Shapes and their names 02/11/00 M. Filipiak
Clarification of Foreign Language Internet (Yahoo) Use 02/11/00 Timothy Matthews
Target: Discussion of Newbery honor book, Our Only May Amelia 02/11/00 Timothy Matthews
laptops 02/11/00 APRILLE BLACK
MID: Nightjohn 02/11/00 Paige Ysteboe
POST REQUEST:Computers in Libraries 2000 conference 02/11/00 jim antal
HIT: Rowling address 02/11/00 Nancy Kramer
Re: GEN: Grammar - "Internet" 02/11/00 Kathryn Frech
TECH: Adobe, Go Live 02/11/00 Frederick Muller
Middle: Books on Tape 02/11/00 Helen Frank
Re: GEN: Grammar - "Internet" 02/11/00 Dan Robinson
Re: Summer Reading Ideas??? 02/11/00 Irwin - Maureen S.
Re: Citation Styles 02/11/00 Sarah Peckham
WEB PAGE software 02/11/00 Gail Clotman
Re: mitinet, was: Tech: Personal cataloging program? 02/11/00 S. Griffith
TARGET: "MUST HAVE" software - all grades 02/11/00 Ruth Hindes
help with teen avent 02/11/00 Heidi Welch
St. Valentine's Day Massacre 02/11/00 Kay Goss
Re: mitinet, was: Tech: Personal cataloging program? 02/11/00 Victoria DeFields
Re: CAN WE STOP THE TRIVIAL DEBATES? 02/11/00 Gordon Riley
Internet/internet 02/11/00 Ken Umbach
SEC: Need web site 02/11/00 Gayle Lawrence
Re: redwall list and site 02/11/00 Aaron Noll
Book: Elem: Captain Underpants 02/11/00 Ludwick Mary
NetMeeting 02/11/00 Judy Evans
Cautious Posting-Valentines 02/11/00 Kay Goss
Library Public Relations 02/11/00 Sarah Knetzer@MCHS
GEN : Educational Audio Visual 02/11/00 Pat Moore

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