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Re: I STAND CORRECTED AGAIN 02/11/00 S. Griffith
Hit: Mummified Chickens 02/11/00 Zuber, Reesa
Apology & Thanks 02/11/00 Judy Owen
Got Sister Carrie; need "Factory Jungle" 02/11/00 Bonnie Fulmer
Re: Offensive words 02/11/00 Earl Sande
Reading Counts-Are You Having Problems? 02/11/00 Ludwick Mary
Target:: Making "ALA" style posters 02/11/00 E Wake
Valentine Couples-Answers 02/11/00 Kay Goss
Gen: Has anyone received their free single user version of 02/11/00 Saylesville School
Target: Elem: Books Made Into Movies 02/11/00 Micky Carpinello
TARGET,ELEM.: URLs for teaching library skills 02/11/00 laura rosas
Gen: Anyone Interested in Teacher Made AR Test Exchange? 02/11/00 Saylesville School
TECH: CD Drive problem 02/11/00 J Schaffner
Possible job vacancy 02/11/00 dshaw
"Expensive But Worth It" Ideas 02/11/00 Stephanie Fiedler
Messages needed for LM_NET Archives: Do you have...? 02/11/00 Peter Milbury
GEN: "Lost" LM_NET Archives Located 02/11/00 Peter Milbury
Magazines for K-8 school 02/11/00 Madeline L. Buchanan
valentines and other contests 02/11/00 April Johns
National Black Storytelling Festival and Conference 02/11/00 Nancy Westendorf
Rochester, NY area members 02/11/00 Nancy Westendorf
Re: I STAND CORRECTED AGAIN, 02/11/00 Dan Robinson
TECH: Getting my school web page back into Composer 02/11/00 Johanna Halbeisen
Northern NE: aspi.net 02/11/00 Gail Grainger
Middle/Sec/SUmmer Reading 02/11/00 B.J. WILSON
TECH: Accelerated Reader 5.0 02/11/00 Sally Siemoens
arguing about trivials 02/11/00 Karen Beth Huber
ELEM: Links to include on web page 02/11/00 vicki sweet
TARGET:Elem. Weather Books 02/12/00 Gregory Chase
Re: GEN: "Lost" LM_NET Archives Located 02/12/00 Deborah Stafford
Reading Counts vs. AR 02/12/00 Becky Palgi
Hit: Pre-K to 2 Elementary links for a website 02/12/00 Carolyn I. Gundrum
Hit: Website software 02/12/00 Carolyn I. Gundrum
Book Question 02/12/00 Janet Rawdon
TECH: HIT: Getting my school web page back into Composer 02/12/00 Johanna Halbeisen
TECH: Hit counters 02/12/00 Shirley Lukenbill
Trivia for March 02/12/00 Kay Goss
TARGET,MIDDLE eating disorder books 02/12/00 Sally Gould
TARGET: release time for collection development 02/12/00 Sally Gould
GEN: Non-sequitur/query about flags 02/12/00 George Anne Draper
Re: TARGET: Easy reading/Children's books in HS Library? 02/12/00 LEAH HAWKINS
BOOK: Safe at second by Johnson 02/12/00 Frederick Muller
GEN:website for Snowflake Bentley 02/12/00 spay/neuter
HITand thanks:safe search engines 02/12/00 spay/neuter
GEN: Book Adventure 02/12/00 H. Grant
GEN: JOB: opportunities in Florida or east coast? 02/12/00 Deborah Stafford
SEC: sports encyclopedia 02/12/00 Cyndy Braun
HIT:Correction to Snowflake Bentley website 02/12/00 spay/neuter
TECH: Help with Powerpoint 02/12/00 Tony L. Pope
Target: Sites called Identifying a Good Website 02/12/00 Picone
Re: GEN: "Lost" LM_NET Archives Located 02/12/00 Shelley Glantz
TARGET: Mavica picture trouble 02/12/00 Catherine Beyers
Frederick Douglass 02/12/00 Cheryl Wickliff
thankyou 02/12/00 Helen Dittmer
Food & Nutrition URL's 02/12/00 Barbara Braxton
GEN: Research question 02/12/00 Kathy Geronzin
Re: TARGET: Mavica picture trouble 02/12/00 Sara Dinges
HIT: Copyright resouces 02/12/00 Amy C. Arnold
Hit: Reading Quotes & Statistics 02/12/00 Diane Pozar
Target: mystery poem 02/12/00 Dawn Sardes
YIPES! Not-so-safe-search engines 02/12/00 spay/neuter
Modem problems 02/12/00 Madeline L. Buchanan
BOOK: Off the road by Bawden 02/12/00 Frederick Muller
HIT: Food Additives 02/12/00 April Johns
For Vicki Sweet, 02/12/00 Timothy Matthews
GEN: Mummies 02/13/00 Barbara Braxton
Re: TECH:DIGITAL DIVIDE 02/13/00 Josephine Dervan
Re: TARGET: Mavica picture trouble 02/13/00 Deborah Wells-Clinton
TARGET: Library Facilities Study 02/13/00 Gretchen Baldauf
TARGET: Reference Material for this Century 02/13/00 Jo Ann Pecor
Budget Success Story 02/13/00 Carolyn Townsend
J.K. Rowling gets top award 02/13/00 Carolyn I. Gundrum
GEN: Pattern for a bookmark 02/13/00 rich tabis
get email while away from your computer 02/13/00 Amy C. Arnold
TARGET: Permission to Checkout 02/13/00 W & S Koontz
JOBS: long term elem. sub in Central PA. 02/13/00 Mary Lou McDowell
TECH Windows 98 02/13/00 Mark Williams
HIT: Mummies 02/13/00 Barbara Braxton
GEN: High Schol Read Across America Day 02/13/00 Beverley Walloch
Help with Telnet and PINE 02/13/00 Schauermann Eileen A
Free Web background for schools 02/13/00 Gail Wisner
HIT: Lebanese literature 02/13/00 Gallaway, Leeann
BOOK: Reef of death by Zindel 02/13/00 Frederick Muller
Target: Elem.Valentine's Card from Library Staff 02/13/00 Cathy Atkins
Northen Lower MICH ELEM only 02/13/00 Jenn Gehlmann
Hit: Valentine's Day Graphics and Neat links 02/13/00 Carolyn I. Gundrum
Charles Schulz Dies at 77 02/13/00 Peggy Beck
HIT: Free Web background for schools 02/13/00 Carolyn I. Gundrum
HIT: SEC: SAT/ACT SOFTWARE 02/13/00 Janet Boltjes
MS/HS: Pass Needed at Lunch 02/13/00 Sandra Richards
HIT: Composing Music on Computers 02/13/00 Rewey, Brianna
Great Virtual Reference Library Site 02/13/00 Gail Grainger
block scheduling 02/13/00 Wendy Lambert
media center use during lunch at h.s. 02/13/00 Wendy Lambert
GEN: World Book CD ROM w/ Via Voice 02/13/00 M. Swist
Target: Cataloging Shakespeare 02/13/00 Judy Cunningham
General: Kudos 02/13/00 Mary Ann Shaffer
Re: get email while away from your computer 02/13/00 Audrey Glick
Possible Plagerism 02/14/00 Jacque Burkhalter st_trukovich <karen.trukovich@NEONET.K12.OH.US>
Indian View Website 02/14/00 Sandra Richards

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