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Want a marvelous Library Media Specialist's job that has lots of support
from administration, teachers, AND students? A position with a great budget
and an environment with BRAND new shelving, tables, and chairs? A position
where YOU have control of what you teach?
Well--you can have it! Unfortunately, I am moving, otherwise I would NEVER
dream of leaving this place, and I'm not just saying that.  This place is a
dream come true, and I can only hope to find something this wonderful 2
states away!
But, here are the goodies:
Where:  St. Mary's Academy Lower School (K-5)
        Denver, CO (actually Cherry Hills Village/Englewood)
What: Private school, not highly religious, just some religion/values
taught in general
        --about 300 kids
        --you see every class at least once a week for lesson
        --automated, Follett
        --you manage your own budget ($10,000+)
        --there is a tech person who handles all technology problems across campus
(there are 3 schools, Lower, Middle & High altogether on one campus)
When:  Starting school year 2000-2001

You can start sending resumes right away to my principal, who has always
been RIGHT behind me and everything I do!
Sr. Susan Swain
4545 University Blvd
Englewood CO 80110
(303) 762-8300

Good luck! And don't miss out on this great opportunity if you can help it!
Twana Weiler
LS Library Media Specialist
St. Mary's Academy
Englewood CO

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