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Dear Colleagues,
        About a year ago I brougSubject: HIT: bible referencing
bout the way
publishers are watering down subjects for students by dividing into several
books what used to be in one. Example: Rourke's sport sets where each
aspect of a sport like football is a separate book rather than a separate
chapter. Thus Rourke can get 6 times the money by making a set of 6 books
on a sport. each student can read one aspect rather than 6 students reading
6 football books with the same info for the same price. And everything
non-fiction is coming in "Eyewitness" style quick bytes of text and
illustrations all over the pages.
        A number of you had great input and most agreed with me, even pointing out
other examples I hadn't thought of. The editor of our state school library
association magazine was intrigued and asked me to create an article for
the spring 2000 issue.  I wish to use quotes from some of you in the
article and I suggested just using initials like - J.K from Aurora, CO, but
Ms. Mason wants me to get your permission to quote you regardless.
        Following is a a list of those from whom I wish to quote unless edited out
because it's too long:
        Jeffrey Kirkpatrick, Aurora, CO; Marcia Dressel, Osceola, WI; Michelle
Cowell, Manchester, IA; Cynthia Smith, Dayton, TN;Janet Foster, Turner, OR;
Joanne Ladewig, La Puente, CA;Kimberly Thames, Atlanta, GA; Earl Sandes,
?;Denell Hilgendorf, Osaka, Japan; Heidi Rawson-Ketchum, Colwater, MI; Jean
Anne Lowis, Duncan, BC, Canada; Myra Gross, Swedesboro, NJ;Bonnie Gabriel,
Ryerson, NJ; Debby Walters, Woodville WI;Margaret Wuersten, Puyallop,
WA;Lynn Johnson, Citra FL;Joanne Proctor, Topeka, KS;and Kay Goss,
Mansfield MO.
        If you are on this list and don't mind me quoting you, please e-mail me
ASAP so I know who I need to delete, etc. I'll make sure each of you gets a
                                Thanks so much!
                                Sandy P. in Philly

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Not the gettin' there that's good!"  (Harry Chapin in song "Greyhound")

"But then, you could go both ways." (scarecrow in "The Wizard of Oz")

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