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There were a few people who asked to have the Mac process for uninstalling

"Your questions brings a smug smile to any Mac user. Throw the
application folder (ClarisWorks, or whatever...) in the trash can, empty
the trash, and it's as simple as that. There really isn't such a thing
as 'uninstall' on the Mac. There are some other stray files in the
Preferences folder (which is in System Folder, and would be
labeled/identified by a ClarisWorks name), but those only take up 5k and
you can ignore these, if you don't feel like digging)."

Joyce Conklin from CA gave some very specific instructions for those of us
completely unfamiliar with a Mac.

"Click on the application (usually a whole folder with the application and
other stuff) and drag (hold down the mouse button and drag) until the trash
can (lower right corner of screen) turns black -- then let go of the mouse
button and the stuff will go into the trash can. (If you let go of the
button before the trash can turns black, the trash will end up "on the
ground outside the can"!)

After you've dragged all the stuff you're ABSOLUTELY SURE you won't need
(unless you have the original disks or CDs for re-installation if you need)
into the trash can, then go to the Special menu (at the desktop/Finder level
-- the place where you have _only_ the Mac icon for the finder in the upper
right corner of the screen) and select Empty Trash (the first choice on the

Several others also gave essentially the same information.  Thanks to
Keith, Joyce and all of the others.
Anne C. Oelke  Library Media Specialist
Cambria-Friesland School District
Cambria, WI. US  53923

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