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Thanks to those who provided the following info re sports books
for high school:
I just purchased The Book of Rules: A Visual Guide to the Laws of
Every Commonly Played Sport and Game.   It is published by Facts
on File.  Our students seem to like it.
How about some of the sports books from Dorling Kindersley (Eyewitness
Series publisher)?  I'm in an elementary school, and my kids are
fighting to see who is going to check out the books first.   Not all
of them are appropriate for secondary, as they have titles like The Young
Martial Artist, The Young Rider, The Young Baseball Player, etc.
They have an NFL Football book that is good, and some other ones.
    Another series that I'm ordering for my media center (the public
library carries it here) that is excellent, is the Play It Like a Pro,
by Rourke Publishing.  They have one each for baseball, football,
soccer, and baseketball.  The ISBN for the football book is 1-55916-215-5.
I just bought a few books for the students to use for reports.  I have
two in the series "All About...."  I have All About Baseketball and All
About Baseball.  Both are pretty good general books about the sport.
They include a short history, basic rules and positions, a bit about
statistics of the sports, etc.  Probably best for the Intermediate grades
to maybe seventh.
        The same sort of book, but with a harder reading level and more
in depth information is Kid's Book of Hockey.  Skills, strategies,
equipment, and the rules of the game as well as a bit of history.
Level more for Middle and High Schools.  Author John Sias.
    One the kids like is the Everything You Want to Know About Sports
Encyclopedia put out by Sports Illustrated for Kids.  Every sport from
baseball to rodeo has at least a 2 page entry giving basic information
and fun facts.  A good quick reference book as well as an interesting
book for check outs.
    The kids also really like the big white Eyewitness books.  They
come in most subjects, including several sports.
Let It Rip: The Ultimate Guide to Snowboarding, Greg Daniels, 1997.
Extreme sports: The Illustrated Guide to Maximum Adrenaline Thrills, Joe
Tomlinson, 1996.  They have great visuals and the topics are popular.
The Lincoln Library of Sports Champions--5th ed.--Columbus, Ohio,
Frontier Press, c1989.  20 v.: ill. (some col.) ; 29cm.  Includes index.
Biliography: v. 20 p. 106-11.  Includes brief, alphabetically arranged
biographies of nearly 450 great sports personalities from around the
world representing more than forty sports.  Includes a table of contents
arranged alphabetically by sport and a glossary of terms.  ISBN 0912168136
1. Sports--Dictionaries. 2. Athletes--Dictionaries. 3. Athletes--
Enslow is pleased to assist you in updating your sports library.
We have four distinctive sports series.  They are:  Sports Top 10,
Sports Greats, Sports Reports, Great Sports Teams.  Call
1-800-398-2504x330 for a catalog.
A new book I just purchased is:  Best Shots: The Greatest NFL
Photography of the Century, Foreward by Joe Namath, DK Publishing
(www.dk.com).  As the title indicates it is a photography book with
brief information about the photos.  This has been widely used in my
My PhysEd teachers requwested the Steps to Success series from Human
Kinetics to provide info for reports the students write for their classes.
They are paperback--I cover them--and are fairly inexpensive.  Human
Kinetics, www.humankinetics.com, 1-800-747-4457.  I also found them
in the Follett catalog for less.
Hi, I hope this helps:
1. books on Internet on sports - http://www.bacasports.com
2. Sports Science by Hawkey Roy, 2nd ed. Hodder & Stoughton 1991
3. Physical Education and the Study of Sport by David Bob (et al.,
Wolfe, 1991
4. Sports and Games of Ancient Egypt by Decker Wolfgang, Yale UP, 199.
5. Teaching Team Sports: A Coeducational Approach by Philippe, Joan A.
and Wilderson, Jerry D., Human Kineticks, 1990.
6. Sports and Recreation Provision for Disabled People, ed. by
Thompson Neil, Dendy Elizabeth, deDeney Diana, Architectural Press, 1984.
7. Sports Fitness and Sports Injuries, ed. by Reilly Thomas, Wolfe
Video, 1992.
Any DK (Dorling Kindersley) books are very cool.  I know there's one on
football, golf, sailing.
I am in an elementary school library.  Creative Education has some wonderful

books on various professional sports teams...Hockey, Football, Baseball,
Basketball that may be suitable.  Also, try Franklin Watts and Rain Tree
Steck Vaughn publishers for some great non-fiction titles.
I picked up the Pro Sports Hall of Fame series in 8 volumes--two each
on hockey, basketball, football, and baseball.  I bought the companion
volume to Ken Burns' baseball series. That's really good, but expensive.
I have ordered a catalog, but let it be said that I have not yet
purchased any materials, but it looked promising.  I thought I would
pass along the website and company information for those of you looking.
You would probably want the Sports & Fitness Catalog.  They do publish
other professional and academic information, also.
    Human Kinetics, P.O. Box 5076, Champaign, Il 61825-5076
    http://www.humankinetics.com or  1-800-747-4457
I have ordered many books from Human Kinetics for our atheltic
department/library and they are super.  They are very involved...give
specifics and have many things relating to the sport.  If you are looking
for this type of book, these are great!  I highly recommend them.
However, if you want books for younger kids, these books are much too
involved.  I only recommend them for coaches/teachers, high school
students, or those looking for some basic rules or guidance regarding
the sports.  For the younger kids I have other books relating to sports
that are more appropriate and I show them the Sports Illustrated for Kids.
If they only want to see/read about what types of things are involved
in the sport.
     We have these books from Human Kinetics:  Bowling, Tennis, Weight
Lifting, Fitness Training for Women, Cheerleading, Track and Field,
and a few others.
Thanks again!
Cyndy Braun, Librarian
Sentinel H.S., Missoula, MT 59801

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