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My aide and I are going nuts.  Every kid wants Pokemon books.  So I started
letting them put them on hold.  If I didn't do that, the books would stay
in the first class that got to check them out, other kids claiming them as
they are returned ("I want the book Jason is returning").  The holds are
driving us nuts.  The line for each book is so long that the holds expire
before the kids get them.  I think I've fixed that by increasing the length
of the hold, but we are still winnowing through the short ones.  Now
EVERYone wants to put the stupid books on hold (even tho I warn them that
it will be Easter before they get the book) and my aide was griping this
morning because checking in books was interrupted so much with filling out
the hold slips.  She is threatening mutiny.  In principle I like the holds.
It allows kids to get a book they've really wanted (aside from the fad
ones).  What do you do about these fads?  How do you handle holds?  Do you
have different policies for the fad books?  Any and all suggestions

Johanna Halbeisen
Woodland Elementary School (preK-4)
80 Powder Mill Rd.
Southwick, MA 01077

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