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As per many requests, here is a =93HIT=94 on country books series suitable=
 in the
high school library.  In this "HIT", I "cut and pasted" the text of each r=
=93Cultures of the World=94 is the big winner based on numbers of favorabl=
e replies
by those who responded.  Thanks to everyone for your input.

Melinda White, LMS
Tumwater HS
Tumwater, WA  98501
E-mail:  mwhite@tumwater.k12.wa.us

I have been buying the "Modern Nations of the World" series from Lucent
and have been very happy.

I buy a lot of travel guides - those from National Geographic and Eyewitne=
from Dorling Kindersley.  We also have found the older students are happy =
the Cultures of the World set from Marshall Cavendish.

I am sorry to be negative, but I think you will find that many of the coun=
books are written for upper elem. to jr. high.  I formerly worked in a h.s=
. lib. for 10
years and really got frustrated with country books because of that...too j=
for h.s.  BUT I had to buy them because it was all I could find.  Perhaps =
you will
hit upon a h.s. level series that I missed.  I do hope so!

I love Marshal Cavendish's "Cultures of the World" series.  They cover man=
countries and are always adding more countries.  They have a good balance =
scholarly information with illustrations and charts and tables.  I have a =
school (7-9) but I think you should take a look at these for a high school=

We use the Marshall Cavendish series, Cultures of the World.  Students wit=
h a
wide range of abilities can use them.  Cost is approx. $25.00/vol.  and th=
ey release
12 countries/yr.  Table of Contents includes:
Introduction with flag, Geography, History, Government, Economy, Peoples,
Lifestyle, Religion, Language, Arts, Leisure, Festivals, Food, Map, Quick =
Glossary, Bib., Index.

The Cultures of the World series by Marshall Cavendish is my  favorite!!!

I have many of the Cultures of the World series.  They are very good and s=
to fit many levels.

I like the Marshall Cavendish series on countries. Colorful and up to date=
.  Not
too difficult.

We like the country series that is published by Marshal Cavendish. The tit=
le of
the series is Cultures of the World.

Enchantment of the World series by Childrens Press is what I use.  My stud=
and I both love it!  Also, a great quick resource are the Culturegrams fou=
nd in the
Upstart catalog.

You may want to look into a series called "Insight Books".  We have severa=
classes that do research on countries and this series is used alot.  We ke=
ep it
very up to date because the criteria is to use books no older that 5 years=
. We
purchased them through Borders bookstore or maybe it was Barnes and Noble.=

Give them a call.

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