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        I agree that not purchasing items is not censorship, just not
selecting, HOWEVER, the newsweek subscription was selected as needed by
this professional.   Not displaying a magazine because of the cover is
considered unsuitable by the same professional smacks of censorship not

        I think the cover and the WWF is incredably tacky and when these
people are on the TV Guide I tear the cover off.  This is my personal copy
not what has been seclected for my library.

Considering how many students want books and/or wear shirts with the WWF
perhaps that is becoming a new community standard and we need to be aware
of this.  Growing up, my grandfather was a huge fan of this "sport".  He
would truly get disturbed if anyone mentioned that they faked these
matches.  I begin to wonder how many people are believers and how many
recognize that WWF is just entertainment not "real".

Having said all this,  I will admit that one of the many reasons that I
switched from Sports Illustrated to Sports Illustrated for Kids was that I
was tired of the swimsuit issue disappearing and people asking did I know
that this issue was the issue??   I always wondered if they thought I
couldn't see the cover or what.

Just a thought,


Cynthia F. Smith, LMS
Rhea Central Elementry School
1005 Delaware Avenue
Dayton, TN  37321


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